Love Liar


2. Chapter One

At school.

"How can nobody talk to me?" mumbled me.

We're just going back from school holiday and everybody are still awkward with each other at dormitory. The senior are having their time made noise.

"Hey! How is your holiday?"

Finally, there is someone to talk with. She is my friend named A.

"Damn it! My holiday sucks! I done nothing even my homework. My parents are way to busy with their work. How about you? You seem great today." replied A

"Nothing. I went back to my grandparents house. Me, looking great? Thanks _blush_. I just put some makeup. I just bought it at the nearby shop. It was on sale!"

"Lucky you. GTG"

_waving_ yeah, she leave me all alone. Without wasting time, i was unpacked my stuff and took a quick shower. Wore flower pattern on it and went to the class.

"Z!Z!Z! Wait for me! Could you walk a little bit slow? Who are you catching?"

This is F. She is the top student in our batch '98.


Took a deep breath "Would you like to participate this competition? It held at IG hall."

She gave me a piece of paper

"It look like some weird stuff and ... Not interested. Sorry"

"Why you, please. Just once you help me."

"Who's order is this?"

"Sir, Sir M. He want you to take part because of your talent in playing in those stuff. Don't make me knee begging at you"

"Make that happen" _giggle_

"Never." She took the paper from my hand roughly. "By the way, someone want to see you at science laboratory at 10pm tonight"

"It is too important for me to go?"


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