What ever happens, know that I'll always love you... |1D|

"Whatever happens, know that I'll always love you...... "

This story is about a girl, called Ashley. She's a normal girl, nothing out of the ordinary. She lives in a small town, goes to a college not long from home. She spends her time, hanging out with her best friends JJ and Vanessa. Everything is based on schedules and everyday-rituals, and she's living quite a boring life, right up until she meets this boy...


2. Organizing

After Mr. Ross’ class is dismissed, V and I show Harry around at campus. It is quite a big campus, but we have studies right now, so it doesn’t really matter. After showing him around, we end up at the café, right outside campus. Harry tells us a little more about himself, and so do we. It turns out; Harry lives in the same city as my uncle and aunt, whom I am going to visit this weekend. “Shouldn’t we get back on campus, next class starts in ten minutes” V asks, and I nod in agreement. I can’t afford to skip any more classes this semester. “So, Harry… What is your next subject?” “English and then music” he answers, looking down his papers – great! The same as me! “That’s the same as Ash, so I guess I’ll leave the two of you for now – I’m studying technological science – geeky I know! See ya later?” Vanessa says and we all laugh, “See ya later, V” I answer and she disappears behind the science building next to us.

“Soo…. Harry…. Music you say, do you play or sing?” I ask curiously, as I had not even thought of Harry being a musician. “Both actually. I play a little piano, but I’m here for the singing-part” “Cool” “What about you?” “I’m a singer too, but I play a little guitar too – I was lead-singer in a band, once upon a time, back when the dinosaurs was still alive… aka. Last year!” You both laugh, and before you notice a thing, you find yourselves inside the classroom. No one’s there. You look at your phone, and notices that English is cancelled. “Great, English is cancelled, anything you’d like to do? All our classes are cancelled for the rest of the day – our music-teacher is on vacation and isn’t back until next week” I explain, and Harry nod, “well I think I’d better get some cleaning done at the dorm, I haven’t really ‘moved’ in yet so maybe I should get that done” he says and walk out of the room. “I could help you, if you want” “Sure” he says and smiles.

The rest of the day goes by, laughing, singing and cleaning Harry’s dorm room. “And that was the last thing…” I say, and put the book on the bookshelf. “Thank you so much for helping me. You’re quite the organizer.” He says, and lie down on his bed. “yeah, I like to have my things organized, so that I know where they are, when I need them” I say with a confident smile “Would you like some pizza? I mean, since you’ve helped and all, that’s the least I can do” “Sure, I’d love to”


“ASHLEY MARIE PAYNE!!!” my mom yell as I walk in the door. “Hi mom” …. 

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