Lovers in Paris


1. Avery Kessler

Chapter One


"Fuck you, Louis Tomlinson!" I yelled at the blue eyed brunette as I chased him around our flat.


"Love you too!" Louis shouted back.


Louis is a fast runner much to my dismay. I panted as I put my hands on my knees. Damn his speed.


He stopped about two meters away from me. His mischievous grin is plastered on his face as hi left hand held my favorite red beanie.


"Tired already? You need to get in shape." Louis teased and grinned.


"Round is a shape." I muttered as I catch my breath.


He laughed loudly and leaned his head back as he heard my retort. I rolled my eyes then I felt a sudden surge of pain in my chest.


I held my chest and tried to catch my breath. Louis suddenly rushed over to me and rubbed my back.


"Are you okay, Av?" he asked.


I nodded as I stood straight and gave him a smile. "I'm alright. Just got exhausted."


Louis looked worried and guilty. "Sorry, A. I-"


"S'alright Lou.": I smiled and pinched his cheeks.


He smiled back and we walked back to our flat.


But I can't help the worry build in my chest.



Louis left early because they have a meeting with the management. Another world tour, I guess.


It's still hard for me to take in that my best friend is a world famous superstar.


We've been best friends in diaper ages and we never left each other. Louis was my everything, that's what I believe.


After my parents died, he and his family took care of me like I'm part of it. It was really sweet. I love them to bits and pieces.


Though, it's hard to keep up with Louis now that he's famous. We can't do something that would make their fans think that we're dating. They always assume that we're together since we live each other but we're just friends. Nothing more and nothing less.


Are you sure about that? A small voice on the back of my head asked. I shook my head. I'm going insane.


I decided to open the telly and watch some cartoons before stopping on some celebrity show.


"Louis Tomlinson spotted with a gorgeous brunette in London. The girl was Eleanor Calder, a university student and a floor model in Hollister in Manchester. What could possibly be going on? And how about Avery Kessler? Aren't they together> You can your thoughts to us."


I looked at the picture they flashed on the screen. Louis is walking hand in hand with a beautiful brunette. They're both looking down, trying to avoid that paps surrounding them.


I sighed and I felt a pinch on my chest. Are they together? Why didn't Louis tell me anything? Why was I acting like this. Why am I asking questions?


I flicked through the channels and stopped to Adventure Time. No matter how I love this show, I can' help but think of Louis and Eleanor.



I was awakened by the sound of the closing of the door. I opened my eyes and see Louis making his way to the living room.


"Why are you sleeping on the couch, babe?" Louis asked as he sat beside me.


I sat up and rubbed my sleepy eyes. "I was waiting for you. You said we'll get some dinner." I answered.


He face-palmed himself. "Oh shit. Sorry, Av. I forgot." he said, sounding guilty.


I smiled at him. "It's okay Lou. You need to spend some time with the boys anyway." I said and that made him look guiltier.


"What's the matter Lou?"I asked.


He scratched the back of his neck and looked at me with guilt in his eyes.


"I wasn't with the boys. After the meeting, I hanged out with someone." he said.


I suddenly felt another pain in my chest.


"Is it Eleanor Calder?" I asked. Am I jealous?


"Ah yeah. How'd you know?" he asked.


"It's on the news." I said. I felt the jealousy coursing through my veins.


I stood up and walked upstairs to my room. "I'm going to sleep." I said and went inside before he can say anything.


I locked myself inside my rooms and jumped to bed. Tears started falling freely from my eyes. That's when I realize that I'm in love with my best friend.



I'm in love with Louis.



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