That One Boy

Sckiler (usually spelled Skyler) just moved to Church Hill in London. She has a hard time getting use to her new environment. She gets beat up quiet a bit, because some of the cool kids don't like her American accent. But Harry, one of the more popular boys, sees her getting beat up, and interferes. After that, he keeps his eye on her and makes sure she stays safe. Of course, they fall in love pretty quick.

Ok, so I stink at wrighting blurbs. I can right story's but when it comes to summing it up, I stink. The point is, this is a good story, so please read it for me. :)


2. School


                          (Monday, School Starts)

             Sckiler's P.O.V.


                       My phone started going off, singing 'Grow Up' by Cher Lloyd. "Ugh, I don't wanna get up," I groaned. I grabbed my phone and turned my alarm off. I slowly got up and got out of bed. I walked out of my room and into the bathroom. I brushed my hair, then brushed my teeth then headed back to my bedroom. I walked over to my closet and pulled out a navy blue tank top, and a pair of mini shorts. I quickly changed into it, then put on a purple socks, then a black and blue sock. I'm to lazy to match my socks. I slipped my All-Star Converse, and a black beany, and walked back into the bathroom. I put on mascara and dark blue eye liner, put on deodorant, and walked downstairs. I walked into the kitchen where my dad was eating cereal, and typing on his laptop, and my mom was eating strawberry oatmeal. I walked over to the cupboard and grabbed some fruit-loop cereal, and kind of chucked the box on the counter. I grabbed a bowl and a spoon, then got out the milk. Once my cereal was all poured, I sat at the table and ate. We all ate in silent, until my Mom spoke up. "So, are you excited for your new school?" My mom asked. "No, I'm excited to meet boys, I'm not excited for home work, and learning that makes my head hurt and make me feel like I'm going to fall asleep." I complained, but pretty much saying how every teenager feels. My Mom chuckled. "Ok then, have fun meeting boys, because you have to leave like, right now." She said looking at her watch. I nodded my head. I quickly finished my cereal, put my bowl in the sink, then ran upstairs and grabbed my phone, shoved it in my pocket, grabbed my black and gray backpack, and walked back downstairs. "Ready to go." I said. "Alright, I'll drive you, lets go." She said. We headed out the door, and hopped into her red Saturn, and drove off.




              "Everyone please sit down," The teacher said. I started walking over to my seat, but tripped when a guy put his foot out. I stood back up and the boy and another boy were laughing. It was obvious he did it on purpose. "Thank you for letting me see the floor in a better way. You know, you must be jealous of the floor, it looks so much better then you do." I sassed. I song of "Oh's and burn's" came from the class. The boy had a look of defeat on his face. He was one of the boys in the group of teens that walked past my house the other day. "Hey can you meet me in the hall for a second princess?" He asked. He seemed like he was flirting with me. I smiled. I walked into the hall, and he was right behind me. As son as we got out of the class room he shoved me into the wall, giving me a headache. "Ouch," I said. I looked up at him, he had pure rage in his eyes. I felt small, and weak all the sudden. "I don't like it when people make me look bad," He said, his voice getting deeper. "S-sorry," I apologized. He chuckled abit. The other boy came over too. Now I had the brown hair boy, with brown eyes, and the blonde boy, with blue eyes looking like they were going to kill me. The blonde haired boy punched my cheek, then kicked my leg. My cheek started throbbing, and I could feel it swelling. My leg started hurting, and I could feel a bruise forming. A tear escaped my eyes. The brown hair boy released his grip on me and backed up. All the sudden his fist made contact with my cheek, making it hurt worst, but he had a ring on, so it also cut my cheek. "Hey! Guys, leave her alone!" A boy with curly hair demanded. They listened to him and backed away from me. They both laughed and walked back into class. I ran off, away from all of them and started looking for the girls bathroom. Once I found it, I ran in and started looking at my cheek in the mirror. I started crying as the pain kept getting worst. I wetted a paper towel and dabbed my cheek. The cold water felt soothing to the cut across my cheek. Once the bleeding stopped, I looked at my leg. A bruise was already forming, but other than that it was fine. I decided to tough It out, and keeping going through school the rest of the day, instead of calling my parents. I started walking back to my math class. "Hey! Wait up!" I heard a boy shout. I turned around and saw the curly haired boy I saw with the teen group that those two boys where in. He was also the one who tolled the boys to leave me alone. He walked over to my and started looking at my cheek. "Are you ok?" He asked with worry. I nodded my head. "Yah, I'm fine." I replied. "Sorry about Liam and Niall. They only care about looks," He tolled me. "I kinda figured that out." I sighed. "I'm Harry, you must be new around here, huh?" He asked. "Yah, I just moved here from California, America." I replied. "I figured you were from America by your accent." He said. "I need to get back to math," I said. He nodded his head. He grabbed my hand and started wrighting on it. "That's my phone number. Call me some time." He said. I smiled. "Thanks," I replied. "Oh, hey, what's your name?" He asked. "Sckiler, but everyone calls my Sky." I said. I grabbed his hand, and his pen, and wrote my phone number on his hand, as he did mine. "That's my phone number," I smiled, then walked away. I'm getting mixed thoughts about this school. First I get beat up, then I get a guys phone number. I don't know what to think. I went back to math and caught up with where we were at. The rest of the day at school was fine, but those two boys kept watching me in-between classes. 

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