That One Boy

Sckiler (usually spelled Skyler) just moved to Church Hill in London. She has a hard time getting use to her new environment. She gets beat up quiet a bit, because some of the cool kids don't like her American accent. But Harry, one of the more popular boys, sees her getting beat up, and interferes. After that, he keeps his eye on her and makes sure she stays safe. Of course, they fall in love pretty quick.

Ok, so I stink at wrighting blurbs. I can right story's but when it comes to summing it up, I stink. The point is, this is a good story, so please read it for me. :)


3. Date



             Sckiler's P.O.V.


                       *Ring* Finally, schools over. I grabbed my backpack, and threw it on. I pulled out my phone and saw I had a text. I started reading as I left the class room.


H: Hey, this is Harry, meet me outside by the flag pole after school. sent 1 one hr ago


                  Should I? Or is it a trick? Oh well, I guess I'll fined out. I walked through the halls, getting bumped around by other kids. I reached the door and walk outside, letting the bright sun touch my skin. I looked around the yard for a second and spotted the flag pole. That whole group of teens was standing there. I had second thoughts about meeting Harry. I did not want to get beat up by the boys again. I took a deep breath, and walked over to it anyways. "Hey, what are you doing over here? Leave the popular kids alone bitch." The one with black hair that was in a quiff snapped. "Dude, back off, she's with me." Harry said, walking out of the group of 'populars'. "Come on, lets go somewhere else," Harry suggested. "Are you seriously hanging out with her?" The blonde girl asked. "Yah, I am. Do you have a problem with that Perrie?" He asked her. "Hmph," and she started talking to the quiff boy again. Harry put his hand in mine, giving me the flutters, and pulled me away from them. "If they're such jerks, why do you hang out with them?" I asked him. "Well, they aren't so bad once you get to know them, they just don't like letting other people hang with them, or making them look bad. But, I've known them sense we were little." He replied. I nodded my head. "So why did you want to meet me?" I asked. "Oh, I was wondering if we could go out sometime?" He asked. I smiled. "I'd love to," I replied. "Cool, how 'bout I pick you up tonight at around 5:00, and we could go bowling or something." He suggested. "Sounds fun, I haven't been bowling for quiet a while." I said. "Cool, oh where do you live?" He asked. "In the big white house on Greenhill street." I replied. "Cool, I live a couple houses down from yours," He said. "Really? What house?" I asked. "The tan house with the two cats," He replied. "Oh, those are your cats? They like the wonder into our yard. I liked playing with them," I said. "Well, I'll see you tonight," He smiled, then walked off. I started walking towards the street, where my mom was parked waiting for me. I hopped in the car, and she drove off. "I am really confused to weather you like the school or not." My mom said. "Why is that?" I asked. "Well first of all, I saw you with that boy, and now your smiling like crazy, and second, you have a big cut across your cheek, and its kind of swollen." She said. "I just ran into some trouble in math today, not a big deal. But the boy on the other hand, asked me out on a date tonight." I replied. "Ok, I'm ignoring the boy subject for right now, but what kind of trouble?" She asked. "Just two jerks. They made me trip, so I said a witty comeback, and they didn't like it, so they beat me up a bit. But I'm fine, really." I tolled her. "Well, if your sure your fine." She said, just as we pulled up to the house. Once I got upstairs to my room I got out my phone again and started texting Demiah.


S: Oh my gosh! This really cute guy asked me out!

D: Really? What does he look like?

S: He has dark brown curly hair, blue eyes, a cute smile, with dimples, and a pretty good fashion sense. I guess he is even a popular boy!

D: Wow! You scored! How did you meet him.

S: Well, to tell you the truth, I was sort of getting beat up, and he stopped them.

D: Why were you getting beat up?

S: Because I'm too clever with my comebacks.

D: Oh, are you ok?

S: Yah, I'm fine. Anyways got to do homework. See ya.

D: Bye Sky :)

S: Bye Miah :D

    I set my phone down on my night stand, turned on my music, and started doing stupid homework.


                  A/N So how is it so far? Good or bad? Please comment what you think. :) Love ya lovelies. Oh, question of the day! Whats your style? Mine is usually skinny jeans, plain shirts, and high tops, and I usually wear a beany, or a flat brim hat. But I reeeeaaally want a pair of All-Star Converse! My mom says I have to earn the money to get them, so I need to start passing out more babysitting fliers. Anyways, what style do you wear? <3


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