That One Boy

Sckiler (usually spelled Skyler) just moved to Church Hill in London. She has a hard time getting use to her new environment. She gets beat up quiet a bit, because some of the cool kids don't like her American accent. But Harry, one of the more popular boys, sees her getting beat up, and interferes. After that, he keeps his eye on her and makes sure she stays safe. Of course, they fall in love pretty quick.

Ok, so I stink at wrighting blurbs. I can right story's but when it comes to summing it up, I stink. The point is, this is a good story, so please read it for me. :)


4. Date Part #2



                   Sckiler's P.O.V.


                              I sat at my piano, wrighting a song I have been working on. All I have so far is mainly the rap. I sat at the piano, playing the cords, as I rapped the lyrics.




                           Not gonna listen to your lies, so you can hear my cries

                             Not gonna cry for mercy when you wanna play it dirty

                             'Cause you don't own me, no you can't control me

                               And you think your so cool, with all them tattoo's

                      Well they never really loved me, so they all left me with nothing

                           And they're all just players, just stupid heart breakers



                                 Someone I can love, is someone I can trust

                                 Someone I can love, is nothing like the rest


             I can never figure out what should come next! (A/N Please comment what you guys think should come next in the song because I seriously can't figure it out. I have been working on it for a while.) School this morning has left me kind of confused about everything. My mind is in different places and I can't concentrate. I think I'm just going to say that I like the school and I just had a bit of bad luck on the first day. I mean now that I know not to mess with the popular kids, I doubt it'll happen again. After school I worked on my homework for about an hour, then I came down here to play the piano I have been playing for about fifteen minutes. Crap! It's like half hour to five! I have to go get ready! I stood up from the piano and ran upstairs. On my way up, I ran into my dad. "What's the hurry?" He asked with a chuckle. "I have to go get ready. I'm going on a date." I said. "Is he a nice guy? Hey, what happened to your cheek? And your leg?" He asked. "I ran into some trouble today at school. But the guy I'm going out on a date with, tolled them to back off." I replied. "Oh, so he is a nice guy. Ok, have fun." He said, then walked off. I ran into my room and to my closet. I picked out a black tank top that said 'California Girl' with white lettering, and a pair of skinny jeans, not wanting to wear shorts, because of the bruise on my leg. I quickly change into them, and put on my Converse, then went into the bathroom and fixed my eye liner and mascara. I only wear makeup on my eyes, to help bring them out, plus, it helps prevent zits if its not on my face. After my makeup was fixed, I put my mid-length hair into a bun. I walk back to my room and checked the time, it was 4:46. I walked back into my room, and put my phone in my pocket. I grabbed some money, and put it in with my phone. I walked down stairs and decided to play the piano till he got here. I started playing stereo hearts by gym class hero's. "My hearts a stereo it beats for you so listen close, hear my though and every note no-ote. My hearts a stereo turn me up when you feel low, this meldoy was meant for you so sing along to my stereo. If I was just another dusty record on the shelf-" *Knock knock knock* I smiled, and stood up from the piano. I walked over to the door and opened it. Harry stood there and smiled at me. "Ready to go?" He asked. "Yup, one second. MOM I'M LEAVING NOW! Yup, now I'm ready to go. "OK! BYE SCKILER!" My mom shouted back. I walked out the door, closing it behind me. I put his hand in mine, and led me out to his car. He had a lime green Camaro with a black racing stripe. "Dang, nioce car," I said. "Thanks, my dad got if for me a couple months ago," He replied. He opened the car door for me. I hopped in, then he closed the door, and got in on his side. He started the car, and we left. My phone started going off, singing 'Oath' by Cher Lloyd, meaning it was Demiah calling me. "Sorry," I apologized to Harry. "I's fine," He replied. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and anwsered it.


 "Hey! So how's it going."

"Good, but I'm sorta busy."

"Isn't your date already over? It's pretty late."

"London time, and American time is different, remember."

"Oh, yah. Sorry, see ya."



        I laughed a bit. "How was it?" Harry asked. "My old firend." I replied. He nodded his head. After a minute we pulle dup to the bowling alley. Being 17 is awesome, you get to tons of things, and your parents can't get mad at you because your to young or something. He got out and ran over to my door, and opened it for me. He's such a gentleman. I hopped out and he held my hand again. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. We walked inside and got our bowling shoes.



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