That One Boy

Sckiler (usually spelled Skyler) just moved to Church Hill in London. She has a hard time getting use to her new environment. She gets beat up quiet a bit, because some of the cool kids don't like her American accent. But Harry, one of the more popular boys, sees her getting beat up, and interferes. After that, he keeps his eye on her and makes sure she stays safe. Of course, they fall in love pretty quick.

Ok, so I stink at wrighting blurbs. I can right story's but when it comes to summing it up, I stink. The point is, this is a good story, so please read it for me. :)


5. After The Date



            Sckiler's P.O.V.


                       I walked up straight to my bedroom and got on my phone.



D: Seriously? You guys just met! What did you say? :D

S: I said yes of course! He's the cutest, and sweetest guy ever! Why would I say no?

D: :D Wait, what's his name?

S: Harry Styles

D: Sckiler Styles? Hmm, it has a nice ring to it.

S: We just met! Haha, I'm not thinking about that yet. :)

D: I have to go, my mom wants me to clean my room. See ya!

S: Bye Miah


                 My mom walked in my room. "So how'd it go?" She asked. "Great!" I replied. "So, what happened to make it so awesome?" "I'm his girlfriend!" "Wait what? So soon?" She asked, shocked, and a bit angry. "I know I can trust him. Mom, he's the greatest guy ever!" I say, trying to defend him. "Ok, but your going to invite him to dinner tommorrow, so me and your father can meet him," she says. I nod my head. "Sounds good to me!" I smile. I text him.


S: My parents wanted to know if you can come to dinner tommorrow?

H: They want to make sure I'm not a bad guy, huh? K, I'll be there, what time? :)

S: Yah, you got it. And, at 6ish.

H: K, can't wait! Love ya. :)

S: Love ya too! :)


               I turn off my phone, and lay there in bed, day dreaming. I fell asleep, in my clothes, too tired to change.

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