Love is confusing

The valentine dance is coming up and Courtney doesn't have a date and there is this guy Harry she likes but he is to mean for her. Her friend Emma also does not have a date and she likes his friend liam


4. the movies with the guys

Courtney POV me and Emma started getting ready and she looked gorgeous I couldn't believe that that was her. I thought I also looked amazing too. It was time to go and I almost forgot my phone but Liam reminded me thanks liam I said to him. We got to the movie theater Liam and Harry said we will pay for popcorn and drinks since you guys payed for the tickets.

Emma's POV oh you guys don't have to but that would be super nice of you two. Aren't we going to see a scary movie ya Liam said.

Courtney POV who is that over thee with that girl Harry said that's Louis the leader of the group and I have no idea who that girl is wait a minute that's my ex girlfriend Kendall he said that's the Beaty and b***hy girl I used to hang out with. I hated that girl I looked over at Harry and he was sad for Louis because she was a mean and selfish girl. We walked to our seats I sat by Harry and Emma sat by Liam awe how sweet I said then Harry did the yawn put arm around me and I put my head on his arm and on the scary parts I put my head into his chest like a scardey cat. When the movie was over we went into the living room to watch tv and Liam leaned over to me and said hey should I ask Emma to the dance I had no answer for him so I just ignored him and we went upstairs to go to bed me and Harry slept in the same room but Liam and Emma didn't. I was talking in my sleep that night.

Skip the night

Harry POV I went to go get Courtney breakfast and Liam was getting Emma breakfast too we were so nice to them. She was so hot I loved her when I got upstairs to her room she was so cute I couldn't believe I was living with her.

Courtney POV awe how sweet of you to bring me breakfast . I don't know if I love him because he change he's nice now.

Later that day

Courtney POV I needed to go to the store and the mall to get clothes and food for us. So first I went to the store then I went to the mall I was on my way home.

Harry POV since Courtney is at the store I'm going to surprise her with something.

Courtney POV I got home put the food away and went upstairs to my room and I walked up and Harry was in a kiddie pool with water and fake fish and he said there is many fish in the sea but you are the one do r me will you go to the dance with me I jumped in my place and I said yes then it got a little awkward between us we started walking towards me and I walked towards him then we kissed for a minute or two then I saw a flash behind us it was Emma she took a phot of us kissing then was going to her room to put it on Facebook oh great.

Emma POV I saw Harry and Courtney kissing so I took a photo and posted it on face book and said they are taking it a little to far and they are not even dating yet.

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