Love is confusing

The valentine dance is coming up and Courtney doesn't have a date and there is this guy Harry she likes but he is to mean for her. Her friend Emma also does not have a date and she likes his friend liam


1. the mean guy

My name is Courtney and I'm 16 my best friend is Emma. My parents passed away 2 years ago I kinda raised myself at age 14 so I decided to put up a flyer for people to come live with me Emma's parents passed away too they were with my parents on their way home from a concert and they were drunk ran of the side of the rode and died

Courtney POV: I was getting ready in my white converse and my denim ripped jeans with a blue t

I got in the car picked up Emma she turned on the radio and of course it was one direction the bad boy group at my school. Emma said that Liam was hot but you know he is mean right she said but a girl can dream. When we got to school I was hoping Harry wasn't going to bump into me and say something mean like he always does.

Emma POV: I really I hope that Liam will ask me to the sweetheart dance that is coming up in 2 weeks. Then all the sudden Liam walks up to me and says Liam's POV: so tree you working on our project. Emma's POV: no and who ya callin tree and the teacher only paired us up together because you told him to and next time you are doing all the work by yourself. Courtney POV: I was thinking at lunch what if he sits by me although he sits by his group and here he comes and you know what he sits next to me and all of his friends I felt so embarrassed because I was the only girl at that table now Emma has no where to sit thanks guys. Then I got up and walked away

Harry's POV guys why did you make her walk away. We didn't you did Liam's POV dude she is super mad

A/n: sorry that chapter was so short comment what you think so far

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