Love is confusing

The valentine dance is coming up and Courtney doesn't have a date and there is this guy Harry she likes but he is to mean for her. Her friend Emma also does not have a date and she likes his friend liam


7. the day before the dance

Courtney POV It was the day before the dance and I got the rest if the stuff to go to my beautiful dress. Harry was getting his tux. Emma was posting pictures on Facebook about how asked her to the dance. I commented omg I hope you guys have a good time:). Because I won't go.

Later that day

I was in my room and Harry was sitting on my bed with me and we were talking while we wet talking I was thinking since me and Harry aren't dating I wonder if he will ask me out? I kinda zoned out for a minute to think that I said in my mind. Harry POV should I ask her out what if she says no so I went to go talk to Liam I went downstairs walked over to Liam and asked him he said i dont know if u should because you don't know if she has feelings for you but she might you can if you want Liam said. I was thinking all day till I went to bed.

*Bedtime* skipped

Harry POV I woke up to Liam yelling for some odd reason so I went into his room but it wasn't Liam it was Emma because there was a spider.haha I laughed Liam was just standing there watching her yelling at him to kill it but he was laughing well trying not to.

Walked back to Courtney's room and I invited her to the beach.

Courtney POV Harry invited me to the beach I asked who was coming with us he said no one. I am going to get my swimsuit on and Harry was too. We went out of the house and started walking to the beach thankfully ifs close. We were walking to the beach then all the sudden this girl walked up to us and said my boyfriend is chasing me because he was reading the texts on my phone and he found out that I was texting Niall horan so now he is chasing me and once he catches me he is going to beat me. He got up to us and Harry stood in front of the girl he the guy said move she is mine Harry said no she is going home with us so we ran home to our house and we ran her up the stairs I was talking to her and she said hey to that school down by that chevron ya I do actually do you omg we go to the same school. So what's your name I asked my name is Kenzie hi nice to meet you wait well we already met so hi that was Kinda awkward.

A/n I hope you guys love this fan fiction!!!!!

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