Love is confusing

The valentine dance is coming up and Courtney doesn't have a date and there is this guy Harry she likes but he is to mean for her. Her friend Emma also does not have a date and she likes his friend liam


6. still mad

Courtney POV

Emma was still made at me it is 2 days before the dance. I still need to pick out my dress is me and Harry will go to the store today. We are headed to the store and I get a text from Austin Harry looks at it hey want to catch a movie later Austin-<3 Harry said you are not going on that date you are staying home with me ok got it. I said that yes I am going to go on that date. It went back and forth until we got to the store. Then I picked out my dress then we went back to my apartment. I finally tried on my dress and it fit perfect. Harry looked at me like I was a princess waiting for my prince. I was going to get ready for my date with Austin but Harry grabbed me and held me down I asked him what was he doing he said he was holding me down because he wasn't going to let me go on that date so he held me down for an hour. Austin is probably think that I stood him up. Thanks Harry.

Later that day

Emma was still mad at me ugh. I was so sad that I stood up Austin and also hurt my best friend. I just hate it when people are mad at me. I was upstairs watching tv in my room and I fell asleep Harry walked in and kissed my forehead I woke up in a flash he was standing beside my bed just standing there like a statue creepy I said and why did you kiss my forehead. He said i dont know that was a little weird wasn't it.

That morning

Harry POV I walked downstairs to get some breakfast and Liam was sleeping on the couch I said to him why in the crap are sleeping on the couch. Liam got up and he was wondering why he was on the couch too. Ok that's weird how did you get on this couch.

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