Love is confusing

The valentine dance is coming up and Courtney doesn't have a date and there is this guy Harry she likes but he is to mean for her. Her friend Emma also does not have a date and she likes his friend liam


5. Facebook posting

Courtney POV after the whole face book fiasco I thought we could go watch some movies downstairs so we did after watching the movies I fell asleep on Harry's chest he fell asleep and so did Liam and Emma since I'm a restless sleeper I Rolled on Liam's chest and Emma woke up and I did Harry didn't tho Liam woke up I took my head off Liam's chest and Emma got so mad she stormed upstairs I followed her up they I tried to explain but she couldn't hear me because she was crying so loud. I told her I was sorry so she ignored me and ignored and she is probably never going to talk to me again Liam wasn't mad tho.

Skip morning

It was nighttime and she was still mad at me. Me and Harry went to bed she took another photo of me and posted it of us sleeping she said they took it way to far. I looked on Facebook in the morning and there it was us sleeping I commented on the pick of us kissing at least I have a date and you don't.

Authors note

Don't delete this book I will update soon!!!!!!!

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