Love is confusing

The valentine dance is coming up and Courtney doesn't have a date and there is this guy Harry she likes but he is to mean for her. Her friend Emma also does not have a date and she likes his friend liam


3. date

It was the day of the date with Austin and Taylor I walked downstairs in my pjs and say Emma and the butler sitting on the couch talking so I sat down with them Emma POV Courtney I have to tell you that 2 guys are moving in today at 3:00 2 hours before our date with the boys at the movies so we will help them move in and everything Courtney POV re you serious I hope they are hot . The butler started walking up the stairs to clean our rooms and our bathrooms now the apartment is going to be full. 2 hours later the doorbell rings I get all ready Emma opens the door and boom it is Liam and Harry what are you guys doing here they say that they are the 2 guys that are moving in here oh great. Harry POV take our bags up stairs Emma POV no you can do it yourself liam POV don't you have a butler Courtney POV ya but he is not working for you guys so take then up stairs yourself so they do . Harry and Liam are walking by Harry stops by my room walks in and says hey what are you doing I say ummm I'm on Facebook do you mind. Harry POV sassy I like sassy Courtney POV stop it and get out Harry says no I'm staying um no you aren't i said I can do whatever I want he fired back oh really this is my house so ya get out of my room ~in Emma's room~ same thing happened later that night Liam and Harry won't leave so me and Emma take our clothes in the bathroom and change we are all ready then we go to the movies at the movies it's in the middle of the movies and Liam and Harry crash the movie the sit next to us and start talking so Austin and Taylor get up and leave thanks a lot guys call me I say and so does Emma

We drive gone skip car ride I go straight to my room Harry walks in and asks if he could sleep in my room on the floor sure I said later when I fall asleep he crawls in my bed and I wake up in the morning on his chest I acted like I was still asleep so I could stay like this he was awake on his phone. I finally pretended like I woke up and acted like nothing happened. But he said that I was like that all night.

Harry's POV I woke up in the morning and Courtney was on my chest I thought that she was a restless sleeper but maybe she was cold last night. Liam was up all night looking at Emma sleep, I thought that was a little creepy but. I just slept with Courtney. I got dressed went down stairs and Courtney, Emma , and Liam were down there Courtney was a little scared I think I bet she is mad at me.

Later that day

Emma POV I thought that Courtney did not like Harry, maybe they were dating ?

Liam's POV Harry we should ask the girls on a date to the movies what do you think? I dont know Harry said well if we did what movie would we see.

Harry POV i dont know should we ask them ya we should liam said ok I will ask Courtney and you will ask Emma. I walked up to Courtney and asked her if she would like to go to the movies and she said sure only sure I said back

Authors note

What do you guys think so far comment down below who should be niall's girlfriend or just a close girl friend

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