True Love Waits

10 year old Bobbi has her heart broken by 19 year old Allan. 7 years down the road as Bobbi finds herself happy with her boyfriend Sean of 6 years Allan comes back to Tennessee. As Allan tries to win Bobbi back, tragedy strikes for Bobbi and Allan is the only one there to help her through her time of need.


1. I don't make promises I can't keep.

**A/N In the flashback Bobbi is 10 and Allan is 19. Allan works with Bobbi's mom and they have became best friends. Allan knows Bobbi has a crush on him but he is going to Alabama for college. I hope you enjoy!!**


"You promise?" "I don't make promises I can't keep." "So what? You don't promise?" "Look you know I love you. I do. I love being around you and talking to you. You make me laugh and smile a lot. The age difference right now is just too hard. Plus I am going away for college soon. I just don't see how it could work." "Oh. That's fine. i understand." "Please don't cry." "I won't." I lied. "Do you need a ride home?" "I can walk," "It's freezing out here." "Yeah and I have a coat." "Bobbi..." "I'm fine. Bye Allan." I turned around and started walking home. As it began to rain I began to cry. Hard. After a few weeks of sadness and sulking I knew I had to give up. So I found a guy and started being happy.

                                                             7 years later

                                                            Allan's POV

I've seen all of her pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Always with him. She looked so happy. The past 7 years have been hell on earth. She has probably forgot about me, It's time to win her back. For good.


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