The wedding

Sarah's so nervous about her wedding. She is getting married to niall horan!! but her ex harry doesn't want her to get married. And he's supposed to be the best man!! what could she do? Should she tell niall?


4. Tears fall

Sarah's pov.

Harry started to scream in pain from the punch niall gave him. That gave me enough time to run to the dressing room where I found niall in tears." why would he do that Sarah?"  he said." I don't know" I said. Then harry came in the room. "what do you want?" said niall." I came to say I'm sorry I tried to steal you girl." Harry said in tears. when he cries he usually means it. " its ok " we both said in unison. "want to still get married" niall said. "sure" I said then we finished the wedding and Harry started to date amber. THE END    

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