The wedding

Sarah's so nervous about her wedding. She is getting married to niall horan!! but her ex harry doesn't want her to get married. And he's supposed to be the best man!! what could she do? Should she tell niall?



Harry's pov.

I looked at my watch. I'm late! I hurried into my clothes. And drove to the church. niall waved. "Hi Harry!!" "hey." I said. "your late Sarah will  be walking down the isle soon" I know. Are you sure you want to do this?"  I said, trying to change his mind. "Yes, why?" He said looking worried. "never mind." I said with a sigh. "she's coming places!!!" said the priest. the music started to play. She looks gorgeous. The thing was boring. It went on and on in till, the priest said "speak now or for ever hold your peace." in an instinct I said "I object!!" Then every one stared at me with wide eyes.           

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