The Concert

Cassie Payton won tickets to a 5sos concert on the radio and when she gets to the concert she catches someone's eye read this movella to see what happens


1. tickets

Cassie's POV

I was over at my best-friends,Alexis house and was upstairs listening to her radio while she was on the phone with her boyfriend,Nick. Then I heard the radio guy say that you could when tickets to a 5sos concert. "Omg ALEXIS get your ass over here" "what the hell do you want. I'm talking to Nick " Alexis said whining. "Would you rather go to a 5sos concert OR talk to your stupid ass boyfriend " Alexis told her boyfriend bye and then ran over jumping up and down.

The radio announcer said to call there number and we were both typing as fast as we could. When the phone started to ring I started to get butterfly's then " hello caller ten you just won two tickets to a 5sos concert" " omg omg omg thank you SOOO much!!!! We will pick them up tomorrow " "ok". When I hung up I screamed at the top of my lungs and started to jump up on Alexis bed

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