The Concert

Cassie Payton won tickets to a 5sos concert on the radio and when she gets to the concert she catches someone's eye read this movella to see what happens


4. The mall

Cass POV

I was wait for lex when I heard a knock on the door so I grabbed my purse and phone and opened the door to Lexi. She looked really happy for some reason but I didn't care I just ignored it and hopped in her mustang.

We pulled into the parking lot and walked in and I was looking for her mom but didn't see her anywhere "hey lex where are we meeting your mom" ummm actually I said that so we could come in here and have gun and get cloths for the concert..... Please don't get mad." Lex why do we need special clothes just for a concert?" Because we are front row and we have bacjstage passes do you really want Luke to see you in SWEATPANTS?..... No you don't so get your ass in here and have fun for once" I flinched at the sight of THE Luke Hemmings looking at me like I live off the streets so I walked in to American eagle and rue21 and got some really cute clothes but I couldn't stop thinking of mom. What if something happens while I'm gone ..... Maybe I shouldn't have called that day omg I'm so screwed .

Lex picked out a pair of skinny jeans a superman tank top and a pair of black vans. I picked out a 5sos shirt that's white with jean shorts and matching vans "lex that will look great on you be glad your gorgeous but I will NEVER have a bf" Cass don't say that because I'm getting you a bf wether you like or not " damn are you on your period right now because you are sassy "haha so funny " I smiled at her and checked out then went out back to the car " thanks for getting me out I needed it "ik hahahaha "I'm sooooo excited to meet them ..... Especially LUKE ... Can't tomorrow get here ANY faster?" Cass ik your really excited but PLEASE scream in my ears again hahahaha

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