The Concert

Cassie Payton won tickets to a 5sos concert on the radio and when she gets to the concert she catches someone's eye read this movella to see what happens


3. Convincing

Alexis POV

The day we won the tickets I was waiting sooo long to try and get Cass to come with me but she is wearing her "normal clothes " but I think she needs to wear something pretty. Ever since her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer she hasn't been herself . So I'm going to try and help her get through a fear of loosing her by bying tons of cute clothes.


A:hey do you want to come to the mall with me to meet my mom ?

C:sure will you pick me up at my house ?

A:sure thang see you at around ..... 2:00?

C:that's fine ...bye

Yes my plan worked now I can get her some new clothes and maybe that will get her a boyfriend

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