How I met you *Harry Styles Fanfic*

"Where do you think your going, missy?" He says, his British accent thick and deep. "H-h-ho-home." I stuttered, obviously scared. He chuckled, deep and dark, and took me in his grasp. "Your mine now, forever and ever." He said horribly. (One direction isn't famous and I mix it up a little)


11. Years later

-Years later-

I groggily open my eyes and rub them. I stretch and flip the covers off of me. I walk into the bathroom and brush my teeth. I look at my reflection. I have a purple eye swollen, bruise on my cheek, and a bruise on my arm. They both are black and blue. I sigh and look at myself. Brown eyes. Chocolate brown hair. Skinny. Not tan. I grunt in frustration. Wh am I so ugly?! I cover my eyes and feel a pair of hands on my waist. "Your beautiful. Just how you are!" he whispers into my ear. I sigh and he leavs. I look at him and he only has a pair of boxers on. Don't remember doing it last night. Ok, I'm good! I shut the door and slide against it. Why couldn't somebody have found me?! He's abusive!! Help me please!!! He knocks on the door. "Cmon, we have to meet the boys today!" he calls through the door. I open the door, avoiding his gaze. I know he's staring at me. 

I get my clothes and go into the bathroom. I take a shower and get ready. Before I leave the bathroom, I take a last look at myself. I sigh through my nose. Here I go. I go downstairs and I see him making me breakfast. Pancakes. I'm not very hungry though. "Want some? I know they're your favorite!" he asks. "No thanks. I'm not hungry." I whisper. He turns the stove off and walks over to me. "What's wrong? Your always hungry!" he asks while rubbing my shoulders. I shrug them. "Ok well, at Keats have an apple." he tosses one to me an I reluctantly eat it. 

He stops at a red light. "Hey, I don't bite! You can talk to me you know." he says and drives forward. Yes! You do bite!!! I scream in my mind. He sighs n frustration. "Gosh! Just talk already!!" he yells at me. "I'm sorry!" I whisper, scared. He grunts angrily and doesnt talk for the rest of the ride. 

We get there and my legs go weak. Into the house of men where they kidnapped me. Time to become their servant. But I'm surprised to see other girls there. Everybody's attention is directed to us. The boys say hello to Harry and the girls just look at me with curiosity. I go into the kitchen alone. I thought so anyway. The boys are aching a football game along with the girls. But one of them follows me. "Hi." she says. "Hi." I say back. "My name is Perrie. What's yours?" she asks sweetly. "Katy." I tell her. She nods. "That's a pretty name." she compliments. "Perrie is prettier." I tell her. She just chuckles. Perrie is really pretty. "I'm dating Zayn! He said that you were dating too. Who are you dating?" she asks. Oh god!! "Harry." I simply say. She nods and smiles. "How are his curls?" I smile and we both chuckle lightly. "Curly." we chuckle a little harder. "How long have you guys been dating?" I ask. She gulps nervously. Did he kidnap her too?! "Uh, a while." she answers. "You?" Now it's my turn to gulp. "Uh, same thing here. For a while." the boys cheer. "Can you guys bring us some beer?!" I sigh and grab 4 beers. Liam was let out of prison. I carry them into the living room and as I bend down, Harry squeezes my bum. They chuckle and I tear up. Perrie must of saw. As I enter he kitchen, she hugs me. I haven't had a good hug in a long time. "It's ok. It sok." she keeps saying. Even though it isn't.

The two other girls are dating Niall and Liam. Niall is dating a girl named Madison, and Liam is dating a girl named Sophia. They are prettier than me. And I thought I couldn't get any uglier. We chat for a long time till me and Harry have to go. "Bye Katy!" they all say and we group hug. "Katy!! Let's go!!" Harry yells. I leave with him and he brings us home. "Go change. We are going out!" he says. We never go out! I change into a nice turquoise blue dress and black heels to match. I curl my hair. Harry wears a simple tuxedo. (A suit) We leave and head to a really fancy place. We sit down and order our drinks. "You look beautiful tonight. " he compliments. "Thanks. I could say the same about you too." I compliment him. He chuckles and takes a sip of his drink. 

After a while he says something. "Katy, I've loved you for as long as I could remember. And I've wanted to do this for so long." He gets down on one knee and pulls out a black box. Inside, is a gorgeous diamond ring. "Will you, Katy Judith Huff, marry me?" I look around and people are staring at us. This is why he brought me out to eat! So he could have witnesses to see him marry me! So I would have to say yes! With no choice, I give him am answer, "Yes, I will!" I say, hoping its enough. He puts it on my finger and everybody claps or whistles. He whisper in my ear. "Your mine forever now, no escaping anymore." I gulp. I now realize that this is my future, and I have no choice in it.


Hey. I hope you like it. I had no idea of what to do next in this book! I hope you like this chapter Bye!! - NiallerIsMineForever 

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