How I met you *Harry Styles Fanfic*

"Where do you think your going, missy?" He says, his British accent thick and deep. "H-h-ho-home." I stuttered, obviously scared. He chuckled, deep and dark, and took me in his grasp. "Your mine now, forever and ever." He said horribly. (One direction isn't famous and I mix it up a little)


3. Waking up

My eyes flutter open and I can't see anything. I try to move but I can't. My senses come back to me and I can tell that I'm blindfolded and tied up with duct tape. I try to get my arms free, but they are stuck. I hear someone's footsteps come thundering toward me. I hear a door open and someone comes closer. "Are you awake yet?" I hear someone ask. It sounds Irish. "Well, is she awake?" I hear another voice say. It's sounds like a British voice. But it's not like the first one, it's  not deep, it's like light and flowing. Someone pulls the blindfold off of me and I see 2 boys, one blonde haired in a quiff and  another one with black hair in a quiff, staring at me with wondering eyes. The black haired one speaks first. "Are you ok?" I stare at him like he's crazy. I try to speak but my throat and mouth are dry. "I'll get water and some food." The blonde says. He runs upstairs. The other boy stairs at me for a while. "I'm Zayn and the blonde boy is Niall. I'm not suppose to tell you our names, so just don't tell the leader." He says. I nod but it's painful. The leader? 

Niall comes back with water and a bunch of food. And I mean a bunch. They sit down on some chairs and Zayn untied my hands so I can eat. They pass me a bag of pretzels and I carefully eat them. They look at me, then at eachother, then back at me. "We don't bite, we're the nice ones. Also, this food and stuff is 100% safe." Niall says. I eat more quickly. We all finish and Zayn ties me up again after letting me stretch my legs. We hear footsteps and they slip the blindfold back on me. "Is she all good? Did she wake up?" I hear a voice ask. This one is British too, and a little huskies than Zayn's but less husky than the first one. "Yeah she's good and she did wake up." Niall says, a little sad. I feel myself being lifted off the ground and coming into light. I'm guessing we get upstairs and I can see Niall and Zayn trailing behind, sadly. 

We go up another flight of stairs and into another dark room. "We're going to have some fun, but later." He says and takes the blindfold off. "I'm Liam, and the other guy that's coming is Harry, we like to have fun." He says and brushes a piece of loose hair out of my face. I move my head away and he sighs quietly. He sits on the edge of the bed and untied me. "I bet that those idiots didn't explain the rules." I nod and he curses. "Number one: you listen to me and Harry. Number two: you will be ours and only ours. Number three: Harry is the leader and you do as he says, if you don't you get punished. More rules will come. Understand?" He states. I nod and he pushes me onto the bed. He lays down next to me and starts to kiss my neck. I stay there cause I don't want to get punished. We hear footsteps and he gets up and makes me sit on the bed. The door opens and I see a curly haired, emerald green eyes boy, who's name is Harry. The one I met at the party. I do my best to hide my shock.

"You can leave now Liam. Your dismissed." Harry says, not taking his eyes off of my body. "C'mon Harry. Please let m-" harry cuts him off. "I said leave! Tomorrow maybe!" He says with his voice rising. Liam smiles and leaves. Harry locks the door and sits next to me. He picks up my hand and kisses the back. He rubs circles into my palm with his thumb. I look away and stare at the bed. "Are you ok?" He asks. I look at him. "Yeah, I'm just scared and nervous. Since I was kidnapped." I whisper the last part. He frowns and sighs. He brings me into his chest. "Sorry. I promise that I will try and make you comfortable. I really like you." He tells me. "Maybe you could've just asked me put like a regular person." I tell him looking up to him. He chuckles and his curls shake. "We won't hurt you." He says. I close my eyes and take in the quiet. We hear a knock at the door. "Sir, dinner is ready." I hear Niall call. "Thank you." He calls back he stands up and offers me his hand. I hesitate for a moment then take it carefully. He smiles big then stops. He starts toward the stairs. "Ready?" He asks. His eyes are filled with concern. I nod and I follow him down the stairs.

Zayn pulls a seat out for me next to Liam. Liam smirks at me. "Hey baby, how about we have fun tonight?" He whispers into my ear. I scoot away from him but he grabs my chair leg with his foot. I look at him and he's smirking. He pulls it closer to him and plants a kiss on my neck. He grabs my hand and kisses the back of it. "Liam?!" I hear Harry bellow he doesn't stop, but gets more touchy. He cups my breasts and then kisses me. Harry walks over and taps Liam's shoulder. "Yes? I'm kind of in the middle of something here..." He says. Harry gets mad at that. "Leave!!! Now!!" He yells loudly. Liam stands up and Harry grips his shoulders. "Go to h***!" He whisper yells. I just stare at my empty plate. Nil and Zayn bring the door out and I watch the 3 boys get dinner. "Aren't you hungry?" Niall asks me. I nod no. "At least eat a little." Harry whines. I put a little on my plate and eat it. I finish. Niall gets up and puts it in the kitchen.

We finished and Harry said I was sharing a room with him. Great. He takes his shirt off and climbs into bed. "Oh yeah." He throws a sweatshirt at me and I go into the bathroom. I change and climb into bed , feeling uncomfortable, and sleep with my back to him. He pulls me closer and u close my eyes and fall asleep.


hope you liked it. Bye- Niall's lover


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