How I met you *Harry Styles Fanfic*

"Where do you think your going, missy?" He says, his British accent thick and deep. "H-h-ho-home." I stuttered, obviously scared. He chuckled, deep and dark, and took me in his grasp. "Your mine now, forever and ever." He said horribly. (One direction isn't famous and I mix it up a little)


8. They found us!!

--Louis's P.O.V.--

I wake up and see that me and Eleanor have slept on the couch. I reach onto the side table and press the power button in my phone. Missed call. I sit up hurriedly and open my phone. It was a missed call from the police! I listen to the voicemail. 

Hello. This is Officer Micheal and I just wanted to inform you that we may have something. So give me a call when you get the chance. Bye.

"Eleanor, baby! Wake up! They may have something!" I say shaking her slightly. She opens her eyes and I let her listen to the voice mail. 

"this is great!! They may find her!" she says and I hug her. "I'm going to call them back." and I get up to call them. 

-25 minutes-

"Ok. They said to meet them at the police station in like 15 minutes." I tell her. We get ready to leave and hopefully hear news of our daughter.

--Harry's P.O.V.--

"Seriously Harry. You can't keep her safe all the time. He's going to come back." Niall explains. "I know, I know. I'm just going to try my best." I tell him. 

"you know what I've found weird?" he says. "what?" I ask looking away from the tv. "that Katy has become so used to us and is trusting us a lot sooner than the other girls." he says. I nod in agreement. "just leave her be. Liam hasbraped her a lot." Zayn says. "Yeah, your right." Niall agrees. I get up and go into the kitchen to see Katy rummaging through the pantry. (a pantry is where you keep food. Americans might know what it is) "Hey. You hungry?" I ask her. She turns around and blushes a deep red. "Sorry." she whispers and turns around to leave. I catch her wrist and pull her into my chest. She blushes an even deeper red. "Its ok. I'm hungry too." 

We both eat cereal and then go upstairs to my room. "Did you sleep good?" I ask her. "Yeah. I'm just a little sore still from last week." she says and continues on her drawing. I look over her shoulder. She's drawing somebody. It looks like me. I smile. "I like that." I tell her. She smilesnand continues drawing. "So I need t-" I'm interrupted bt Niall barging in with Zayn. "We need to leave!! They've found out where she is!!" Niall explains. Katy stands up confused. "Cloth!" I say serious and Zayn hands it to me. I put my hand on her back and face her towardsme. "It won't hurt. I swear." I tell her. She's really scared and tries to get away. "Don't

touch me!!" she screams. I hear pounding footsteps come up the stairs. "Get it ready Zayn!!" I yell at him. I tie the cloth around her nose and mouth and put a bag over her head. Niall is jumping out the window.

Im the last one out. The police barge in and I jump. We run into the woods with Niall Nd Zayn carrying Katy. I make lots of turns and make sure they don't follow us. I see it! I move a bunch of leaves out of the way. I open the wooden hatch and Niall and Zayn climb in. 

Minutes later we hear footsteps overhead. "Split up!" somebody yells and people leave. Somebody still hasn't left yet though. Katy is starting to stir. "I hope they find her, Louis." a girl says. "Don't worry. They will. I promise." the boy, Louis, says. Katy takes the bag off and the rag off. The two people continue to talk. "Mom, dad..." she says quietly. They continue to talk and Niall and Zayn notice that she has woken. "Mom! Dad!!" she says louder. They stop talking. "Mom!! Dad!!!!" she cries harder and I clamp a hand around her mouth. She screams and kicks. The two people are trying to open the hatch with the police. "The tunnel." I tell them. We run with the police following. We turn and run down a hidden tunnel, but they don't stop! 

Pew make it outside and run for our lives. Niall and I have Katy. She's squirming which makes it a little harder to run. "Katy stop!!" I yell at her. She just squirms harder! The police circle us and I put Katy down, but I still hold her tightly. I see her mom and dad. Her mom is in tears and her dad is next to the police. "Let the girl go!" the head offericer demands. I don't let go, I won't let go. I grab her arm tightly and she squirms. "Let the girl go!!! Now!!!" he yells again, closing in. I grit my teeth and see a weak area in their circle. Niall and Zayn follow my gaze and I count quietly. Niall grabs her legs and I grab her upper half and we barge into some officers. 

Zayn finds his car and we throw her in the back and I climb in next to her. Niall gets in on the passenger side with Zayn driving. He speeds away. Katy crawls as far as away from me as possible. Her eyes are wide and her breathing has increased. "Calm down." I say reaching a hand towards her. She kicks me in my stomach. "OW!!" I yell. "Let me go!!!" she screams at me. I shake my head no. Niall hands me a cloth and I grab her and put it on her. She instantly falls asleep. Good. "Oh god. Now where too?" I ask Zayn. "You'll see." he says. I start to hear the police sirens in the distance. "Well get us there fast." I say. 


Sorry it's been so long. I've been really busy. I'll try to update more. Bye! - Niall's Lover

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