How I met you *Harry Styles Fanfic*

"Where do you think your going, missy?" He says, his British accent thick and deep. "H-h-ho-home." I stuttered, obviously scared. He chuckled, deep and dark, and took me in his grasp. "Your mine now, forever and ever." He said horribly. (One direction isn't famous and I mix it up a little)


2. The party

"Hurry up!!" My cousin, Shanon, yells. I giggle. "I'm coming!" And I bound down the stairs. My dad ,Louis, sees me and pouts. "Where do you think your going looking like that?" He demands. I roll my eyes. "To a party." I say and we head for the door. "I don't think so." He says but mom, Eleanor, saves me. "She's only 16 for a year, let her have fun." I smile at her. "Yeah bye!" And we rush out of the house. Shanon gets in the drivers side and I get shotgun. "Let's party!!!" She yells. I laugh and she drives to the party.

We get there and I can tell it's going to be wild. I can here the music from outside. Lights are flashing and it's loud in the backyard. Splash! Sweet! A pool! She drags me into the house and it's pretty crowded. She drags me into the kitchen and hands me a beer. She chugs it. She's 18. I smell it and wrinkle my nose in disguist. "C'mon. Party!" She yells grabbing a second. I open it and take a sip. Ew! I smile and we clink our beers. I'm not drinking this s***! I think. We go into the living room and people are jumping and dancing around. "Looks fun! Let's go!!" She yells over the music. I shake my head no. "You go, I'll watch." I yell back. She nods and smiles and disappears into the crowd. I go back into the kitchen and look for some water. I find a water bottle and drink it. "Did you find anymore water bottles?" I hear someone ask. I look over and I see a kid about 3 years older than me with curls and emerald green eyes. I shake my head and hand him one. 

"You like the party?" He asks. I shrug. "I got here about 20 minutes ago." I answer him. He nods and drags me somewhere. He drags me out back and I see a bunch of people jumping into the pool. I didn't bring a swim suit. "Want to go in?" He asks. It's a lot quieter out here. I nod no. I sit on a ledge and watch people jump in. "What's your name?" He asks. "Katy. Yours?" I reply."Harry." He smiles a cheeky smile and I smile back. 

We go back in and grab another water bottle. "Want to go somewhere quieter?" He questions. "Sure." I answer and he leads me upstairs. Nobody is up here and I look over the railing and I can see everybody dancing. I stop looking over quickly. I have a fear of heights. He leads me into a bedroom and I can here the music, but it's muffled. "Do you live here?" I ask him. "No, this is my friend's party." I nod. We have a conversation and it gets pretty quiet. A slow song probably. "Are you a virgin?" He asks out of the blue. I'm shocked honestly. "Why would I answer to that?!" I say. "I'll tell you if I'm one if you tell me......" He says. "No, I'm not going to tell you." I say. He stares at me for a while before another round of questions. "Hold on, why are you so curious anyway?" He shrugs. "I'm curious." He smile a that cheeky smile again. I chuckle and look at his eyes. They are a perfect emerald green. "Do you have a boyfriend?" I shake my head no. "Do you?" I ask him, getting a little curious. "No, but I really like this girl." He says. I nod. 

We exchanged numbers and I looked at my phone. 1:30. "Can I show you something?" He asks. "What?" "I'll have to do it now...." He says getting nervous. I stre at the floor making up my mind, but he doesn't wait for my response. He tackles and starts to kiss my neck. I push him off and he shoves me agains the wall and begins again. "No! Stop!" I say loudly. He steps away, blood red, and I start to leave but he catches me arm. "Where are you going?" He asks sadly. "Just to check on my cousin." I say a little suspicious. He nods. "Can I help you?" "Suuuurrre." I say slowly. I soon find her talking to some boy. "You ok?" I ask her. She has another beer.  "Never better." She says slurring and putting an arm around my shoulders. "Do you want to go soon?" I ask. She laughs and I see the guy look at her with interest. "Never!" She yells. "Besides, I'm going home with Jorden here!" She yells happily. I nod and leave, with Harry still by my side. "I should get home." I say. "Bye." And he kisses my cheek lightly. I wave and head to my car. I get in and sit there, shocked and tired. "Wild party." I say under my breath. 

I stop at a red light and rummage through my purse for gum. I have a massive headache and gum just helps me. I drive forward and someone pulls out infront of me and I stop before I hit them. God, that was close. They drive forward and I eventually get home. 

I go in and head up to my room. Hopefully mom calmed dad down. I lay on my bed for a minute before checking the time. 2:30. I left at 2:00. I get into my sweats and slide under the covers and instantly fall asleep. 

I wake up and take a shower. I get dressed in new sweats and go downstairs and sit on the couch. "Your father already left and I have to leave, so bye and we will be home later." My mom says. "Ok." I reply and turn the tv on. She leaves and I get some cereal. 

Later that day, someone enters the house. "Hey baby girl." I here my dad call. "Hey." I say and hug him. Mom soon comes home and we have dinner. I go to bed early.

I wake up and get a text. BFF- Want to go to the mall? I get from my BFF. Sure, I text back 

We get to the mall and we do a lot of shopping. She leaves early since she has practice. I take my time going home. I see a little puppy near an alley. "Hey little guy." I say and slowly approach him. He sniffs my hand and licks it. I crouch down and pet him. Someone picks me up by my hair and shoves me against the wall. "Hello." I hear a deep British accent say. "Where do you think your going?" He says deeply. "H-h-ho-home." I stutter, scared. He chuckles, deep and dark. "I don't think so, your mine now, sweety." He says darkly and he wraps a cloth around my nose and mouth. I don't breath for a good couple of minutes. He grows irritated and kicks my side which causes me to take a deep breath. The last thing I see before I black out is a bunch of curls.


Hope you like this chapter. Bye- Niall's lover

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