How I met you *Harry Styles Fanfic*

"Where do you think your going, missy?" He says, his British accent thick and deep. "H-h-ho-home." I stuttered, obviously scared. He chuckled, deep and dark, and took me in his grasp. "Your mine now, forever and ever." He said horribly. (One direction isn't famous and I mix it up a little)


4. So much pain!

I wake up and see Harry with his arms wrapped around me. I gulp and squirm around uncomfortable. He wakes up and I stop squirming. "Morning princess......" He whispers into my ear. It sends shivers down my back. He gets up and stretches. I get up cautiously. "Need anything?" He asks. I think for a minute. "Where can I get ready for the day?" I ask quietly. He nods his head. "In the bathroom there's soap and stuff and I'll tell Zayn to get you a toothbrush and stuff." I nod. He looks at me sadly. "What's wrong?" I sigh. "We'll remember how you said that Liam might get me tomorrow?" He nods. "Well tomorrow is today and I'm quite scared...." I say and a couple of tears escape. He hugs me. "Today your going to go shopping with Perrie. She doesn't know that we do this. Please don't tell her." "Ok." Wait, maybe he's different from Liam. "Harry?" I croak. He looks at me. "Liam said that if I don't listen to you you'll punish me, is that true?" He looks at me and sighs. "If it's something bad, but I would never ever want to punish you." I nod. Maybe, I could try being nice to Harry. I get up and hug him. He's surprised but hugs me back. "See? We don't bite." "Liam might." I say quietly. He chuckles. "C'mon. Let's go get breakfast." I follow him down the stairs and as he turn the corner, somebody grabs me. "Let's have fun." Liam whispers in my ear. I shake my head no. He chuckles. "Who says you make up the rules? You'll soon be calling my name." And he picks me up and rushes up the stairs. 

He places me on his bed and climbs on top of me. He kisses my neck and takes off our shirts. He un lips my bra, but I stop him. "Please don't Liam." I whisper. "Please don't Liam." He says mocking me. He just chuckles. " I can do whatever I want." He removes my bra and starts to suck on my nimples. (I don't know how to spell that) "Why are they so small?" He says smirking, while cupping them. I gulp." He unbuttons his pants and starts to remove mine. I hide my face in my hands and he removes my panties. I cross my legs even though it doesn't help a lot. I peek through my hands and I see his d*ck.  God it's so big!!! I stop peeking. I hear rustling and I know that it's a condemn. He starts and it's fast. I scream but he puts a cloth around me. He handcuffs me to the headboard of the bed. I hear nagging on the door. "Open up Liam!" I hear Niall call. He put a board across it. "Nobody can reach us." He whispers. I whimper. "OPEN UP SON OF A D**K!!!!!!!!!" I hear Harry yell. They begin to push on the door.

He finishes and he gets dressed fast. I feel so dizzy. "Now that was fun." He chuckles loudly. All this noise and my head and I'm so dizzy and I hurt so badly. I curl into a ball before I black out.

Harry's P.O.V.

I bang on the door and Liam opens it. I shove him against the wall hard. Niall and Zayn are getting Katy. "I.. Am you." I say between breaths. "Harry, she blacked out." I hear Niall call. I push him harder against the wall. "You're dead." I tell him. "Sir, you know you can't kill him. You need him." Zayn says and Liam smirks. "That's right. You do need me. Ha!" And he chuckles. I punch his cheek hard and a tooth falls out. I walk over to Katy on the bed and they covered her. Maybe I could...... No! No Harry! Niall and Zayn are fumbling with the handcuffs. I untie the cloth and her lip is bleeding, but why? I look closely and see that she bit into it hard. I move the hair out if her face. I dab the cut and I don't notice that she has woken up. 

"We got her loose." They say in unison them they laugh at eachother. I chuckle. I help her into her clothes not noticing she is awake. I pick her up but she yelps when I touch her. How bad did he hurt her. I stand there trying not to hurt her. "This will hurt, but it will be over soon." She nods and she whimpers. "Shhh." I mumble. I walk into my room and carefully place her sitting up on my bed but she yelps and lands on the floor. Tears escape her eyes and she tries to get up. She gets up and cries quietly. "How badly did he hurt you?" She shrugs painfully and lays on the bed. "Can I see?" I ask her. Her eyes widen. "No.....please not another round....." I shake my head. "No no no no. I want to see how badly he hurt you." "Oh ok." She whispers. She closes her eyes and he made love bites and nibbled on her ear. I don't bother looking south. I know she's badly hurt there. "I'll leave you to sleep..." I say. "Wait. Ouch!" I look back and see her sitting up. "I-I like you too Harry." I smile. 

"Anything else?" I ask her. "I'm a little scared that la might come in." She whispers barely audible. "I can sleep with you if you want." She rolls over. I chuckle while smiling. I climb in next to her. "I'm sorry he hurt you." "It's ok. You couldn't do anything." I wrap my arms around her. "Are you getting used to things?" She sighs. "I'm getting used to you always being there for me." I smile. "Can I ask you something?" She questions. "Hmm?" "A-are y-you a v-v-virgin?" She asks nervously. I sigh sadly. "No, I'm not." She looks away for a minute. "Are you? I mean before were you?" "I was before." "Sorry." "It's fine." I hug her a little tighter and soon she falls asleep in my arms. I lay there and think. I really would like to have kids with her and get married to her. But I know that she is still to young and nervous and scared. Tears trickle down my face. She'll escape one day and I'll never see her again. I truly love her she isn't like any of the others. Shes, she's.........different from them. I soon fall asleep. 


I hope you like it. Sorry it's so um, like, I guess pg-16. I don't know. Bye! - Niall's lover

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