How I met you *Harry Styles Fanfic*

"Where do you think your going, missy?" He says, his British accent thick and deep. "H-h-ho-home." I stuttered, obviously scared. He chuckled, deep and dark, and took me in his grasp. "Your mine now, forever and ever." He said horribly. (One direction isn't famous and I mix it up a little)


7. I'm beaten

--Katy's P.O.V.--

I get up from the bed and unwrap myself from Harry's arms. I quietly walk downstairs and make myself some cereal. It took a while to find it, but I did. I here footsteps and I figure that it's Harry looking for me. It's not. It's Liam! "Hey. I miss you." He says. I stand there frozen, very scared. He walks over to me and moves my hair from my face. I study the floor, pretending to be busy. "You know, I'm the one that picked you. Harry just liked you and took control and pretended to be the one. But, your mine since I picked you. You'll always be mine, forever and ever." He whispers into my ear. So..... I'm.. Liam's?! No! I don't want to be his sex slave, cause he will make me. "Your lucky that I'm not aloud in this house anymore. But, I want to have one more sex round with you before I leave." He whispers. I back away and his eyes turn dark. "Remember, listen and you won't be punished. Your being naughty and not listening." He says darkly. I stop walking and let him take me into his control. He chuckles darkly and grabs my wrists hard. I wince but he doesn't care. "We are going to have so much fun...." He says and begins to undress......

He finishes and I'm laying on Liam's old bed. I'm curled into a ball, afraid and trying to forget of what just happened. He handcuffed me and put a blindfold around my eyes and mouth. I had no part in it. Liam is now laying next to me and he is snuggled into me. He also I curled me from a ball. He let me put my bra and undies on, but nothing else. "I should bring you with me, you're so good at this." He whispers into my ear. I start to squirm a little and his grip just tightens on me. I stop and roll over on my side. He starts to play with my bra strap. God please no!!! "Maybe we could do it again. I had so much fun." He says to me. He flips me over and gets on top of me. He starts to get touchy and kissy. Here we go..... He starts and I shut my eyes. God!! Ow ow ow ow!!!! The pain is so bad!! I scream and he slaps me across the face. "SHUT UP!!! Someone will here us!!" He says and just continues. Tears stream down my face. God! Harry please find me!!!!

--Niall's P.O.V.--

While I'm making myself something, I here an ear spilting scream. What the heck!? I rush upstairs quietly and I here noise coming from Liam's room. Oh no! I walk over to the door and put my ear against the door. ".....will hear us." He says. He's raping her again!! My hands ball into fists and I knock on the door. The noise stops and is replaced with a new one. Liam opens the door and he looks sad. Ha! Like right! "What are you doing?!?!?" I say furious. He looks down and a couple of tears escape his eyes. "I was stopping by to apologize to Harry and Katy, but she saw me and she pushed me against the counter and said we should have sex again, since she had so much fun last time. She raped me, Niall. Something has to be done about her." He says the last part quietly. "Can I see Katy please?!" I ask, knowing his story is fake. Liam exits the room as I enter. 

I see Katy smiling to herself, but when I look at her eyes, they show that she was hurt and she cried. "You ok?" I ask her calmly. She looks at me. Her smile widens. "I'm more than ok, I'm fantastic! I just h-had a-a-another s-sex r-" and she starts to cry. I sit next to her and put a blanket over her. "You don't believe him, right?" She asks while sniffling. I hug and kiss her head. "I would never believe him in a million years." I tell her. "What about Harry?" She asks. I look into her brown eyes and she looks into my blue. "I don't know, but what I do know is that-" I'm interrupted by Harry barging in. I scramble up and Harry storms over to Katy. Katy got changed so she stands up shakily. 

"You b****!!!!!! I thought you were scared of him, obviously not!!!" Then Harry slaps her causing her to fall down on the bed. She yelps in pain and Harry kicks her stomach. She falls to the floor in pain. "Get up!" He says madly. She stands up and Harry punches her in the eye. She falls onto the floor and Harry kicks her over and over.

After about 5 minutes, he leaves. Katy is on the floor. I don't even know how to describe what she looks like. (You probably have a good idea. All beat up and bleeding) I walk over to her and carefully pick her up. I carry her downstairs, super careful. Zayn sees her and instantly grabs lots of frozen food bags. I lay her on the couch and he brings them over. "What happened?" Zayn whispers. "Liam raped her and lied about Katy raping him and Harry believed him." I say and Zayn goes somewhere. Poor Katy.....

--Harry's P.O.V.--

I can't believe Katy! I can't believe she would rape Liam! Zayn barges into my room and I stand up. "What?! " I yell at him. He punches me in the jaw and eye. "I can't believe you would actually think that Katy would rape that son of a d***!!! You need help!" And with that said, he walks back downstairs. Wait, what was I thinking?! I find Liam in his room, talking to himself. "Good thing Harry believed Katy raped me. He would kill me. Maybe tonight, when everybody is asleep, I can have 3 more rounds!" He says, thinking out loud. "Good thing I just heard what I heard!" I say and enter with him looking surprised. I beat him up and then run downstairs.

When I get there, I see Katy on the couch, all beat up. She's unconscious. I slowly walk over to her, but Niall stops me. He gives me a very stern look. "Back away mate, she's already hurt enough." Niall says. "Please Niall? I'm so sorry I never meant to do that. I don't know what I was thinking." I say quietly, ashamed of myself. He puts his arms down and nods while moving.  I bend down and I move her hair out of her face. Why did I ever do this? "I'm sorry." I say so quietly that Niall can't here me. She moves her head to the side. I can now see her while face. Her lip is bleeding a little and her nose must've been bleeding. Her right eye is swollen a and she has a bruise on her left cheek. Her right cheek is red also. I'm about to leave but she makes a groaning noise. Niall hears her and moves to my side. We stand back a little. Her eyes squint and then they open. She looks at Niall first then me. 

Her eyes go wide and her breathing increases. Niall rubs her back to calm her down. I should be doing that. She calms down but is still very cautious. "I just wanted to say sorry and that I'm such a b****. I don't know why I would ever do that." I say. "Your not a b****. You just believes his fake story." She says super quiet. I have to lean closer to her to hear her. I go to touch her hand and she grabs it. She holds it in her tiny one. "I'm sorry." I say with a sob escaping. "I-it's f-fine." She stutters. Niall has left us and gone upstairs to Liam probably. "What did you to him?" She asks. "I beat him up really badly." And with the mention of Liam, we see Niall and Zayn dragging him out. Zayn occasionally kicks Liam's back. 

"So you forgive me?" I ask Katy. She is laying on the couch and her feet are on my lap. I'm sitting at the bed of the couch. "Yeah. I'm just in a lot of pain." She mumbles looking away from the tv. "You probably don't trust me now. I just beat you up, so it's ok if you want to sleep alone tonight." I tell her. "No, I'll still sleep with you cause I'll miss you." She says. "And yes, my trust is very little. But,.... I still trust you enough Harry." She says. I smile a little and pat her knee. She winces and I move my hand. "Sorry." I mumble. She nods and keeps. Watching the tv. I can't believe I broke her. "Harry?" I wake up from my trance and look at her. "Yes?" I answer. She looks back at me. "Did you truly mean that you love me? That you want to get married and have kids?" She asks scared. I sigh. "I meant every word. I love you so much that words can't describe." "Well, why didn't you just ask me out like a person would?" she asks. "Because I love you too much." "You already said that, why did you really kidnap me?" She asks. I look at her. "It's actually Liam that told me to kidnap you. He does this every time the girl escapes or something else. He makes me kidnap them and then he uses them and I can't do anything about it. " I explain to her. She nods. 

"So, I'm Liam's?" She says with her voice changing. She sounds like her throat is closing in. I shake my head and my curls shake. "No no. You' re not anybody's.." I tell her. She nods and lays her head down with her eyes closing. I gently rub her leg and watch her sleep. Please wake up when you're done sleeping! I plead quietly. She shifts in her sleep and starts to roll around. Her face is in a pain face. I wake her up and she looks around. "Is he gone?" She whispers to herself. "He's gone and will never return." I tell her. She looks at me and scoots away. "Oh, you meant me...." I mumble. But I'm soon greeted by a pair of arms hugging me.'"I didn't mean you." She tells me. She grits her teeth in pain and I hold her by her waits to comfort and support her. She lays her head on my shoulder and we continue to watch our show. I kiss the back of her hand and gently place it back down. She kisses my cheek and we watch the show. 

She soon falls asleep and I carefully carry her up to my room. I tuck her in and I get in next to her. She instantly snuggles up to me and I place an arm over to waist again. I love you so much, Katy.


Hope you guys like it. Sorry it's like that. I might be changing it to R soon, depending where I take it. Just to let you know. Well bye! - Niall's Lover

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