How I met you *Harry Styles Fanfic*

"Where do you think your going, missy?" He says, his British accent thick and deep. "H-h-ho-home." I stuttered, obviously scared. He chuckled, deep and dark, and took me in his grasp. "Your mine now, forever and ever." He said horribly. (One direction isn't famous and I mix it up a little)


6. He's gone

--Katy's P.O.V.-- 

I wake up and I'm encased in Harry's arms. I sigh quietly and snuggle I to him. I do havea crush on him, even though he kidnapped me. I roll over so I'm facing him. His eyes are a little red and puffy. He must've cried. But why? He shifts and his eyes slowly open. He sees me awake and smiles. I give him a small, quick smile. He hugs a me a little tighter. "Are you sore?" He asks me. H*** yeah!!!! I think. "Yeah." I reply quietly. He gets up and gets some clothes. I sit up and wait for him too come out. I here the shower turn on. Great. I swing my legs over the side of the bed. Ouch! I try to stand up but fall back down. I yelp in pain. I here footsteps come rushing up the stairs. "Katy?!" I hear Niall call. He opens the door and sees me on the floor in pain. Tears are trickling down my face slowly. He licks me up bridal style and carefully lays me on the bed. 

"You ok? Need anything?" He asks. "Clothes." I squeak. He goes over to Harry's drawer and pulls out a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. "Me and Zayn went shopping for you yesterday since there was a change of plans." He explains and smiles cheekily. I smile and he sets them next to me. "Anything else?" He asks. "Water please." I say hoarsely, hoping I don't sound greedy. He nods and smiles. He runs out and down the stairs. He comes back a minute later with a water bottle. "That all?" He asks. I nod. I take a sip as he leaves. Harry comes out 5 minutes later and I managed to get dressed. He smiles at me and helps me up. He puts an arm around my waist to help me. We walk downstairs and Liam is there. Harry pulls me closer and I look down. Harry let's go of me and gets some food. "Some fun last night, huh! We should do that regularly." Liam whispers into my ear and starts to squeeze my bum. He moves up to my breasts fast. Harry went into the pantry. I can feel his breath on my neck. I know I will get hurt by him if I fight. He bites my skin and I bite my lip. He bites harder and I bite harder. "Liam? You know your not supposed too........." Zayn says. I look up and he's standing there. Liam looks at him. "Since when do you make up the rules. Huh? Get back to work." He says and he continues with me. I look at Zayn for a minute them look away. 

Zayn shoves Liam back punches him in the face 3 times. They begins to get rough. They throw punches, but it's just Liam getting hit. "STOP!!!! What is going on here?!?!?!" Harry yells. Zayn stops fighting and looks at Harry. "I just saved Katy from getting another sex round." Zayn explains to him. Harry gear mad and his eyes turn dark. "GET OUT!!!!!! I DONT CARE IF WE NEED YOU!!!!! GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE!!!!!!" Harry yells loudly. Liam stands there and grabs me. "I'm leaving with her." He says and begins backing up with me in his grip. I wiggle around and he kicks me. I stop and get dragged. They come towards Liam and Harry and Zayn beat Liam up. Niall takes me to the basement. "Stay here." He informs me. 

I stay down there for 3 hours. I start to get hungry. I crawl around, looking for the wall for a light switch. I feel something crumply and pick it up carefully. It feels like a bag. I find the light switch and I see the 3 chairs and all the food. I open the bag and eat the chips. It's from when I got kidnapped 4 days ago. Or was it 5 days? Well, 4-5 days I guess.  I sit down on a chair and remember them talking to me. I just wanted to go to the mall. A couple of tears escape with a quiet sob. I would give so much to go home again. 

--Harry's P.O.V.--

I go down into the basement just to hear a sob. I see the lights on and Katy crying. I knew she would want to escape. I quietly walk up to her and kid the top of her head. She tenses up but relaxes when she sees it's me. "Thanks Harry." She whispers while hugging me. I smile. We walk back upstairs and she gets scared. "It's ok love. He's not here. I promise." She relaxes a little and we walk into the living room. "Wait here. I'll be back." I say. I go out back and pick a rose from the rose bush. I go back in and I see her sitting there, playing with her fingers. She looks so beautiful. I very slowly walk over to her. I can only observe her when she's not looking and when she's sleeping. I make it to her and hand her the rose. She takes it and smells it. "Thanks." She says politely. "Your welcome. Katy, I re-" she accidentally interrupts me. "Do you have paper and a pencil? Oops! I'm sorry! What were you saying?" She says embarrassed. She blushes lightly. "Yeah we do. Never mind." I say and go and look for paper. I find paper and pencil. I walk back slowly and hand her the notebook and pencil. She places the flower on the table and starts to sketch it. She's really good at it. After about 20 minutes she finishes it. "Wow!! That's really good! It's breathtaking!" I say, amazed. "What? I haven't finished. My hand got tired." She says smiling her perfect smile. She begins to color with the pencil. She finishes that. "Ok I'm done. What do you think?" She asks. I can't find words to describe it. Her smile disappears. "I knew it wasn't good." She mumbles quietly. She's about to rip it but I stop her. "No no!!! It's amazing. That doesn't even describe it!" I say amazed. She gives me a funny look. "There are people out there that can draw better than me. They made world famous master pieces." She explains to me. "Really?!" I ask her. "Did you ever learn about art?!" She asks a little shocked. I shake my head no. "I've always wanted to try." I whisper to her quietly. 

"Let's go up to your room and maybe I can teach you some." She suggests. I nod and follow her upstairs. She hands me the pencil and paper. She instructs me and soon I'm drawing. I finish a little town. But it's just a bunch of squares with rooves and windows and doors. "That's good since it's your first time." She tells me. "Well, I had a good teacher." I tell her. She looks away blushing. I put the paper and pencil aside and hug her. "I really want to tell you something, but I'm afraid of what you might say." I tell her. "You can tells Harry." She says looking at me. I sigh and rub her back. "I really really like you. I want to get married and have kids, Katy. I love you so much." I tell her. She looks at me for a couple of minutes. This is what I was afraid of. "I was afraid of this from you." I get up and leave the room. "Harry wait!" She calls after me. I turn around and find her hugging me. "I love you too!" She says smiling and kisses my nose. I bring her lips to mine. She's surprised but soon catches on. 

We pull away and look into eachother's eyes. I bring her close and lead her into my room, again. "I'm glad you like me too." I tell her closing the door. She lays on the bed. I lay next to her and we talk. We spend the rest of night there. 


Sorry it's bad. Anyways, I might not update much tomorrow. I'm going to the mall. But I'll try to update when I get home. Bye! -Niall's Lover

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