My Movellas Profile

This is my interpretation of a personal profile for Movellas


1. My Movellas

My idea is that each personal profile is represented by their own book representing their story, their movellas, with their profile picture on the front and their Author's name underneath which they can edit when the 'edit' button is clicked.This opens up their Profile Book so they can edit their information. 
Underneath the Profile Book are the essentials and to the left is the Movellas Bookshelf. Every time you complete a Movella, it appears on your shelf where you can click on it at any time and read it, edit it or share it. 


With the profile book, you can edit your personal information and create your own life story. You can also view other people's Profile Books and add them to your 'Follow shelf' which is a small bookshelf showing your Follower's profile books, the people you are fans of profile books and a list of the stories you have Favorited.

This is just a potential outline of what the theme could be like, an overall summary if you will. It includes theme editor, the shelf for the fans and followers and the favorites, where the profile books and stories are stored like a personal movellas library. I also put a mini-feed in the bottom corner so you can monitor everything and make comments. Like I said it's just a basic outline but the main feature is the bookshelf because it makes the profile more personal but also makes the site more unique and gives it its own personal element.


Thanks for reading, tell me what you think x

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