The Worst FanFiction Ever

Written for laughs, this is a humor book about one direction, mashed up with a bunch of other fandoms. The plot is a mess, the characters are reckless and the writing is so cliché! You're bound to hate and love this!


1. starbucks

I went to starbucks for a coffee and there was a guy there=. he had really curly hair and he was tall and stuff. he turned arond and took a sip of his drink. Oh my Gosh it was harry styles. They guys next to him turnd around. It as the rest of 1d! oh god they are all here at the same time as me! They saw me staring and they smiled and waved at me. Harry winked at me and walked over.

"hi, you're really hot." He said looking me up and down. 

i blushed. "Oh my godness so r u!" 

he laughed. "We should go out. meet me at the nightclub later tonight."

"okay!" I smiled.

He smiled and walked away with his ffrends. I have a date with haery tonight!

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