The Worst FanFiction Ever

Written for laughs, this is a humor book about one direction, mashed up with a bunch of other fandoms. The plot is a mess, the characters are reckless and the writing is so cliché! You're bound to hate and love this!


3. love triangle ohh no!

so i went home and i took a pregnatcy test just to make sure. i was like soooo nervous cuz like im only 17 and i cant have a baby cuz my mom would kil me. i had to hide the test from her wehn i came home. i told her i slept at jess's house and i really dint becuz i was with harry styles. I walked back and forth and i was lik biting my nails i was sooo nerous. I heard the test be done and i looked and omg im PREGNANT.

I shouldda known this would happen to me. My dad is really gonna hit me. My dad is like abusive and he gets drunk and hurts me, i need a hero from him. 

Maybe this baby is gonna be a good thing. i really love harry. I changed into my black shorts with silver studs on the pockets and put on my oversized knitted sweater that i got from hollister and then put on my nude patenleather flats. I fixedmy hair really njice with really awesome flowy curls and it looked like a princes. but my outfit made it look kind of gunge so like im a grunge princess. Niall wold call me pricess,

My phone went off with a text so i picked it up and t was niall. he said "Hey princess." 

See i told you. i said "Hey" 

"So princess what are you doing today princess?" he said.

"Nothing nially. Just found out im preggers :(" 

"It will be ok princess. If you be with me instead i will take care of you princess. I will love you because i think you are beautifl and i like you more then harry does." 

I couldnt believe this. NIall likes me. but i dont like niall. i like harry. so i am in a love triangle. 

"NO niall i cant."

"But princss,...." 

"No niall i love harry. and i know he loves me too.. we r gonna be a family." 

NIall stopped replying. oh no. i think he might be mad at me. 

I got in my car and drve to his house and i heard him crying so i walked inand i hugged him on the couch. he hgged me tighter. he wiped his tears. 

"I love ya princess. this isnt fair to me at all i loved you first." 

i didt say anyhing i said nothign and i was quiet and i et him cry all his tears ad when he was done i till hgged him and he pulled away and he just looked at me and i looked at him an then he kissed me and i was stupid and i kissed him back. 

the door opened and i heard a gasp and i pulled away form niall and i saw harry and he looked mad and he starting swearin. 

"WHat the fuck niallllll why are you kissing my girlfriend?!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?@?1?!?!?1/1/1/1" 

NIall shrugged. "I love her man. she is my princess. she will alays be my princess i love my princess." 

I smiled that harry called me his girlfrind. but h was mad so he didnt notice. 

harry went ot hitniall and i stoppped him and i kissed harry and he kissed me back. 

"I love you" he smiled

"I love you too."

"I lovve you as well" NIall said. 

uh oh. this is gonna be badddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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