The Worst FanFiction Ever

Written for laughs, this is a humor book about one direction, mashed up with a bunch of other fandoms. The plot is a mess, the characters are reckless and the writing is so cliché! You're bound to hate and love this!


2. clubbin with harry

so i wet home really fast bcuz i was so excited to meet harryand dance with him and have fun and get drunk. MAybe ill even get t sleep with him or something! that would be awesome!

I went into my cloest and pulled out my black lace dress and put it on my ver sexty perfect skinny body. I put on my spiked black heels that i got frm forever 21 and then i put on my mascara blush eyeliner and eyeshadow on. i made sure my blonde hair was curled really nice and that my blue eyes looked good enough. i practiced smiling in my mirror and made sure my smile was white. it is. 

when i was done i picked up my friend who was wearing a tight red pencil skirt and a sequined halter top with her nude colored stillettos. she sat in my car and we listened to WMYB on th way to the club. 

when we got there like a million guys started to flirt ith us but we didntlike them so we told them to go away. but this one guy wouldnt leav me alone and he kept touching me and he kissed me. i yelled really loud making everybody look and then guess what. harry ran over an started to fight with the guy and punched him and he saved me. i fell in love with him right there. harry is my hero.

we sat and had drinks after everyone was settled again. my friend danced with zayn and i told her not to cuz he was engaged and she said too bad so i couldnt stop hher. harry said to just leave it be so idid. we got like super drunk and we danced and we grinded on the dnace floor and harry got hard and he kissed me. and we were really drunk and we were touching eachother and it felt good. 

harry took me to his hotel room and we were overrun by fans and paparazzi and he jst kept walking with me and totoally ignored them and thy were calling me names like skank and slut. harry didnt defend me like at all so i was kinda mad but ididnt say that to him. 

he lead me to hisroom and he took my dress off and kept my shoes on for somereaso and then he put me on the bed and got naked and we had awesme sex and yeah.

the next morning i felt really sick and i starrted to throw up i the bathroom and harry held my hair. when i was done i wiped my mouth and flushed the toilet. then it hit me. i looked up at harry. 

"Harry i thik i might me pregnant." 

he looked really scared and he was nerous. "Oh well i cant be a dad yet." 

i got mad and got my clothes on and waqlked ot. 

he shuould have knon that this culd happen. ugh i hate him now.

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