The Worst FanFiction Ever

Written for laughs, this is a humor book about one direction, mashed up with a bunch of other fandoms. The plot is a mess, the characters are reckless and the writing is so cliché! You're bound to hate and love this!


8. A tour i forgot

after school me and jye went and got something to eat cuz we were hungary plus we wanted to hang out and stuff so we went out to eat and it was really nice cuz we haven't hanged out in a long time. we got sum wiked yummyyy pizza and we talked a lot and I kinda felt this tingle in my heart like one I didn't get rfom any1 else whn I talked to jye only I got it when I talked to jai.

"we should do this again" jai said

he paid the bill and when I tried to pay it he pushed myt hand away and told ,me I should be slapped for like even tryinhg to pay for anything jai is so polite oi love him hahaha byut like as a friend....... ithink.

I nodded and smiuled and sed tat we shood totes do  this againe.

jye drove me to harrys and he kissed my cheek b4 I got out & it was kinda just a lil bit weird.

now I hhav 2 tell harry bout me goin on tour w/ Justin and idk how he will be like whn I tell him and I hope he will be ok wit it and not be mad at me.

"Harryyyyy!!!" I said when I wlaked in and harry ran down the stairs and gav me a hugeeeeee hug and it was sooooooooooooooooo tight I could nt even like breath.

"darling love honey bunch I missed U!1!1!1!!!11!" he said

I laughed but it was kinda like not really a laugh cuz I was soooo nervous to talk to him

 "Harry I have sum badd news and u gitta promise you wont be mad or anything cuz If I didn't have to do this I would.... but um I am going to sing with Justin bieber for his tour and it like starts next week so I am gonna be leaving soo/....." I sed.

hgarry ket go of me and he looked like a reallllyyy sad puppy and I wanted to cry cuz harry looked so sad when he was sad and I wanted to like cry or something and I almosttt did.

"You cant leave! youre pregnant with darcy jess!" he sed

"Ik ik ik im sorry hazza bear I love ypou and I wish I could stay but JB will be like reallllyyyy mad if I stay." I said

harry cried and shrugged and looked down

I feel really bad I wsh I cood stay here in londin with him but like I realllyy cant.

this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad :(((((((((((((((

******************AUTHORS NOTE GUYS THIS IS NOT A PART OF THE STORRY*******************

wow like im spooooo happy this book is getting so many views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I try tsooo hard on this cuz like its my first ever fan fic anf ugh I luv u guys ugh like uugh ok I will let u get back to the story but first I just wanna like tell u that I love 1d so much I know everything abpout them and lewis is my carrot loving lil boo bear and harry is my hazza liam puts me in payne and zany is my favirote cookies and malik. cxoxoxoxoxox lots of love to yall! okay bvack to the story!


me and hazza watched tonsss of movies and he like held me sooo close like a lot cloer den usual and it was ok butt kina weird cuz he is clinging on way tooooooooo tight. I mean I will only be gone for a few months its not like ima giv borth on the tour bus or anythang (HINT HINT LOL) plus I wont let JB take a move on me cuz like oi have soooo ,uch respect 4 myself. I mean he will have 2 sta awyya frim my awesomne bodeh cuz im so amaZAYN (LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!)  I have big boobs and a perfect butt and I guess that is whuh erryone wants me. lOLOLOLOLOL but harry is being  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO flippin annoting about this anf omfg I cant ugh I wanna hit him but I wont what eva

hazzas gotta calm his ding a ling about this sumb tour!!!!!!!!!!

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