The Worst FanFiction Ever

Written for laughs, this is a humor book about one direction, mashed up with a bunch of other fandoms. The plot is a mess, the characters are reckless and the writing is so cliché! You're bound to hate and love this!


6. A baby bump but which dad

So like he gave me a reallllyyyy long tour of his hugeeee house and it took sooo long. Bt like it was totes worth is cuz he house is AMAZING like really its like a castel that a pcrinciss wood live in. 

princess princiss princecse 

Niall calls me his prinsesss. 

Harry wand i was sittin down and watching tv and harry  luked at his phone and he had a mesage from taylor. i instantly knoo that it was taylor swift cz like i had scene his picture in tiger beat where they went to the park ad stuff and they were like holding hands. the message said "Hayy Hazza i miss yiu kissy kissy" ugh i never hated him so much then when he told me i had to go and he tried to push me out of the house like ugh. i 

"HARRYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!1111!1!!!!11" I screamed and he quickly put his phne away.

"WHat?!?!" he asaid

"Youre cheating on meh!/1/!?!1/1/!/?" i said

"no" he said

"Haryyy i'm not a dummy i know u and t-swizzle are daitin and i seen da pics on the mags!" I said

"But jess i swears to god that i am not those are fake1" he said

"ur so lyin right now" i said

"not uh" he said

"whatever" i said

i moved away rom him ad ugh i hate him. Id be soooooooooooo much etter with niall and hed love me and care for my baby since harry is syupid and being dumb ith tay. forget haylor i dnt need that dub drama 

"look jessy lets just prentend that it didnt happen and be hapy for our baby... for darcy"  he said

i luked at him "WHat?"

"we should name it darcy if its a girll... darcy anne styles" 

I smiled even though i didnt wanna i just coodnt stop myself from doin it uz that just made =me happy and think that mayb he was ready to be a daaddy.

"Ok" i said aand i smiled and i huged him tihg

me and haerry are gonna be ok.

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