He saves her from death every night. Who is he? She can't remember his face and doesn't know his name. Is he real? Will her nightmares end ever? What will they turn into? Will she face dangers of this nightmare other than dying? And what happens when a new kid comes named Harry? Why doesn't her best friend, Liam Payne, like him? Find out all the answers in Falling....(WARNING MATURE CONTENT)


7. Chapter 7

**A year ago Halloween Brisa's P.O.V**

"It looks creepy." I said.

"I've heard it was weirdly scary." Liam looked at me and smiled.

"So how is Sophia?" I asked randomly.

"She's really good actually. Thanks. Why'd you ask?"

"I don't know I'm your best friend and I think I should know everything about you and your girlfriend." I teased him. Him and Sophia have been dating since he moved from England with his brother and his mom and dad. They were dating a year prior to that. He seemed happy but not at the same time.

He laughed at my comment. "Well here it is."

We walked underneath this arch to go into a tarp that was black and there was random people inside of it trying to scare me and Liam. I didn't realize that until somoene tried to scare us. Well not try. They actually did. Then I laughed at my fear.

We got out of the tarp and then there was this nursery with little kids all over the place. Crying and with blood and there was a boy that looked like a sophmore on the ground "bleeding".

After about 20 minutes the trail was done. It was kind of scary. I practically jumped into Liam's arms. Then he asked if I was scared. No Liam I was just delighted that there were chainsaws that I'm not afraid of infront of my face.

"Did you like it?" He asked.

"I didn't like the chainsaws."

"I thought you wouldn't considering you jumped into my arms."

I scowled at him. Then smiled. I couldn't ever really stay mad at him.

We got to his car and we got in and he drove. He drove to the library. Are ususal hangout. Weirdly enough it was.

We got out and he unlocked the door. We walked in and the familiar smell took over. Books. Tons of them. Liam turned on one set of lights. I walked over to the fiction section and looked for the scary books. There was a couple I found. I turned to go into the next aisle and there was Liam. He had 3 books in his hand.

"Ready for some thrillers?" He spoke in a low-raspy voice.

"Why yes Mr.Payne I am." I growled in my demonic voice.

We both laughed and headed towards the comfy chairs. I sat down in one and Liam the other.


"And the pumpkin was his head. And to keep his head away from him the townspeople smashed the head. But somehow the next morning all of their heads were cut off. And all the children were left to be orphans." Liam was reading me a version of Sleepy Hollow.

I was getting really tired. My eyelids were droopy. I closed my eyes just resting them. And they just stayed closed. Then Liam's words faded away and I was asleep.

I was on a rock. Then I slipped off of it and fell into the water. I didn't have time to get a breath of air before falling in. The water was filling my lungs. I was preparing for death. I was ready. I couldn't swim up because my arms wouldn't let me. So death was inevitable.

Then a hand grabbed me and pulled me up from the water. I woke up coughing water and confused until I saw Liam.

"Brisa?! Are you alright?!" Liam stood over me.

"I just had a very vivid nightmare. I was on a rock and I slipped and fell into water..." I was breathing hard. "And I.....I....was drowning and then somoene saved me."

Liam put his hands on my shoulder. "Are you ok?" He asked me.

"I think I'm ok." I was still breathing hard and fast. My heart was beating fast too.

"Shh. Calm down Bri. Were in the library downtown. Your not in water."

He hugged me. I tried to hear his heart beat then make mine go that pace.

It did soon after. "You scared me. I was putting books back and then you wake up screaming."

"I'm sorry."

"Its fine. I just thought something happened to you. Like somoene was hurting you."

"No. No. What time is it? I gotta get back."

Liam checked his phone. "Its only 10."

"Can you drive me home?"



I put my books in my locker. Harry was next to me. He was the guy in my nightmares. And I just had to fall asleep in math class to prove it. Well I didn't want to fall asleep in math class to prove it but I just didn't fall asleep the night before. Then somehow Harry was still in my dreams even though he wasn't sleeping. He said he imagined being there though.

"Will you go home and go to sleep?" He asks breaking my thoughts.

"Ya. I guess. Only if you'll sleep too. Cause if you don't I'll die and I don't really want to die again."

"Ya. I'll sleep. Just text me when your about to sleep. Here's my number."

He hands me a peice of paper that he wrote the number on. I smiled at him.

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