He saves her from death every night. Who is he? She can't remember his face and doesn't know his name. Is he real? Will her nightmares end ever? What will they turn into? Will she face dangers of this nightmare other than dying? And what happens when a new kid comes named Harry? Why doesn't her best friend, Liam Payne, like him? Find out all the answers in Falling....(WARNING MATURE CONTENT)


4. Chapter 4

On my way to school I grabbed a coffee. Yum delicious coffee. I looked in the mirror and cursed. I had bags under my eyes, my hair was in a bun and I had a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans on. Lovely look today Brisa. I frowned at myself.

I just wanted to go home and lay back down in bed. But I know what will happen if I go to sleep. The water again. But Harry won't be asleep so will he be in my dreams? I've died before in my dreams so probably. But I haven't died in a while.

I took another sip and wondered....will Harry talk to me about the dream today? Was he really even in it? Or was he just part of the dream? I really was curious.

I parked my car and Zara parked her's next to mine.

"Hey Zara."

"Hey Bri." We casually walked inside and met up with Clarissa and Cleo.

"Hey Cleo! Haven't seen you around lately." I commented.

"Ya I've been really busy lately. And I just got this tattoo. Look." She lifted up the sleeve of her t-shirt and showed us her new tattoo of a Lions face and mane. The skin around it was pink.

"Ouch." Zara winced.

"Hey babe." Zayn came over. I didn't like Zayn too much. He was rude a lot and influenced Cleo to get tattoos. Cleo has long brown hair. Before she wore no makeup and was a goody two shoes in middle school and 9th grade. Now she has long hair, tattoos, and a ton of makeup. Zayn made her that way.

"Hi." Cleo smiled and kissed him.

"Hi girls. Clarissa, Zara, Brisa."

"Hi Zayn." Zara smiled. She's always been a bubbly person.

Cleo and Zayn disappeared off to somewhere then Zara did. I walked to my locker with Clarissa. Harry wasn't there this time. I was kind of dissapointed. I wanted to know if he really was in my dream, or maybe I just wanted it to be him. But since I knew he saved me last night. I felt comforted. I know that sounds odd but I was.

"Who you looking for? The new kid?" Clarissa and I were walking to first period.

"No." Yes.

"Oh okay. Then who?"

"Zara." I quickly say.

"You know Zara is with Niall over on the other side of the building."

"Ya......I need to go see her."

"Ok. I'll be here. Waiting for your return....." She dragged out. That meant she wanted to come as well.

"C'mon Clarissa." I sighed.

"Yes!" She stood up and we both walked out. I kind of wanted to see if he was there...alone.

We got to the room and Zara and Niall were sitting in their normal spots. Harry wasn't in the room.

So we said hi to Zara and Niall then walked out. "I thought you needed to see her?" Clarissa asked.

"I didn't really. I wanted to see if Harry was there." I admitted.

"Why? Do you have a crush?"

"No." I said and meant it. Maybe. I mean I just wanted to know if he shared my nightmares. I mean he told me he did. But that could've been part of the dream.

"Ok then."


The day went on. I didn't see Harry. We had just one class together. He might be here. I hope.

"Ms.Coldman!" My teacher barked.

"Yes." Some kids snickered. Only the immature ones.

"What is the capital of this country?"

'"Um. Moscow?"

"Incorrect it's Sydney. Now pay attention Brisa."

The bell rang afterwards. Signaling for me to go home. Finally.

**Two years ago Christmas**

"I'm sorry Liam."

"Its ok."

"Not really its Christmas! Your parents should atleast give you one day and not argue." I defied arguing on holidays. I hated it. It sounded so stupid and was. My parents never argued. Well they didn't have enough time. My dad died when I was in 6th grade. Then my Mom found my stepdad a year later.

"Well we can go someplace that we can get rid of all this mess."

He drove and drove on. Then we stopped at a building. The library.

"Liam. What are we doing here?"

"I want to show you were I hangout every chance I get."

"But the library is closed. Its Christmas."

He took out a set of keys.

"Not to me."

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