He saves her from death every night. Who is he? She can't remember his face and doesn't know his name. Is he real? Will her nightmares end ever? What will they turn into? Will she face dangers of this nightmare other than dying? And what happens when a new kid comes named Harry? Why doesn't her best friend, Liam Payne, like him? Find out all the answers in Falling....(WARNING MATURE CONTENT)


24. Chapter 24

**Twelve Years ago Harry's P.O.V Flashback**

I was 5. Sitting in my room playing with my toys. My dad got home from work. I ran downstairs and he threw his stuff on the couch. I had made him a pb and j sandwhich for dinner and I was proud.

"Harry.....what's this?"

"A pb and j sandwhich dad." I replied.

"For me?"


"Well how about I repay you."

"With what dad?"

"Take off your pants."

"But dad you told me not to take them off unless I'm taking a shower or changing into pj's......."

"Take them off now."

"Dad." He came up to me and slapped me. I started to cry. So he pulled down my pants then my trousers. Then he did somethings that no five year old should know about. Or have done to them.

**10 years ago**


"Yes dad?" I was sitting on my bed in my room.

"Pants. Off. Now."

"Dad. People at school say that-"

He walked up to me and started slapping me.


"No sir. I havn't told anyone."

"Good boy."


I quickly pulled my pants up. He left the room and I went into mine. Oh God. Brisa was right. Why was I letting this happen?

I got on my phone and texted Brisa again. "Brisa....your right I need to tell the cops."

She replied, "I can help Harry." I need to see my Mom first.

I stood up and grabbed my phone and keys. Then I walked out of my room then out of the house.

I opened my car door and sat down. Why was I putting up with this? I turned on the car, put on my seatbelt and drove out of the driveway.

I drove to the house near the school. My mom's house.

**Brisa's P.O.V**

Harry texted me about his dad his beating him. That I was right and he should have done what I said.

I started to cry. Liam and I were still on his bed.

"Bri? Why are you crying?"

"L-last night....I can't believe he....I had..." I couldn't finish my sentence. Liam pulled me in. I was in feetle position cuddled next to Liam while he was holding me.

"What happened?"

"Harry's dad beats him.....and his Mom.....I saved her last night and I just still can't believe he hasn't done anything."

"Bri. Calm down." He pushed a red curl away from my face.

I layed my head on his chest and I was comfortable. Slowly my crying stopped and my breathing slowed. I didn't sleep though.

I have to help Harry. I have to. I look up and Liam was sleeping while holding me. I slowly get out of his grasp and I slip on my shoes and run out of the house. Crud....no car. Isn't Harry's house by the school though?

I started to walk to his house. I was freezing. I finally got there and I knocked. No one was there. The door was open though. I didn't want to go in. I thought I saw movement inside. I looked closely. Then I heard something behind me. I turn. But Harry's dad held me with a knife at my throat.

"I know your with my son a lot. So I know he'll do what I want him to do if it involves you." All I felt was something heavy hit my head then I was out of my body.......at the beach.

**Harry's P.O.V**

I left my moms house. We were gonna call the cops later. I had to get Brisa first though.

I figured out a lot from my Mom. He did beat her but he also had others he beat along with my Mom. He also raped other woman. They got pregnant too, He just decided to keep me for an odd reason. I told my Mom how he abuses me. In both ways.

She started to cry when I told her. I would too.

Now I was on my way home. I would call Brisa later.

I got home and parked my car. I got out and walked to my house.

I opened the door and found some blood drops on the ground.


"Harry...." My dad called. He was in the kitchen? I look in there and the basement door was open.


"Down here Harry." I was never allowed into the basement. The blood also led down there. "Harry you better come down or else I'll shove you down those stairs!"

I quickley came down the stairs. I turned to look and there was a big bed. The basement was furnished and everything.

But what caught my eye was Brisa tied up and on the bed. Unconcious.

(A/N I'm sorry for you readers who don't like this story and how it went. Its what I thought of so that's what I went with. Thank you for the reads so far. I hope I don't lose readers but gain them along with votes and comments. I love you all! -Shay)

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