He saves her from death every night. Who is he? She can't remember his face and doesn't know his name. Is he real? Will her nightmares end ever? What will they turn into? Will she face dangers of this nightmare other than dying? And what happens when a new kid comes named Harry? Why doesn't her best friend, Liam Payne, like him? Find out all the answers in Falling....(WARNING MATURE CONTENT)


17. Chapter 17

**Brisa's P.O.V**

I got out of the shower and Liam was downstairs waiting for me. I had no clue on where we were going and what we were going to do today.

I ran down the stairs with my converses, t-shirt, skinny jeans and a sweatshirt. "Ready." I grinned.

Liam and I sauntered out the door and we walked across the yard to his car.

"Soooo Liam. What are we doin today?"

"Well...........I don't know. We could go down by the river?"

"Ok." I remember going down there all the time. Its behind the library so occasionally after his shift we go down there on weekends.

I got into his car and he drove.

**Harry's P.O.V**

She kissed me last night. Oh my gosh she kissed me! And she slept next to me......does she like me? Well of course but the question is does she love me? Oh God I hope she does.

I sit on my bed. I just got back from taking her home where I saw Liam on the porch waiting for her. I know he is her best friend but he's rude. I want to know why.

"Hey Bri. Does Liam not like me?" I waited 10 minutes. No reply. I sounded like a girl. Shit. "Sorry...just he seems a bit mean." I added. That sounded better. I actually explained. She replied 3 minutes later.

"Sorry I was just talking to Liam. Didn't realize phone went off. I don't think he doesn't like you just he cares for me like I'm his little sis so he wants what's best for me. He just wants me to be careful."

"Oh. I was curious.....so what did you think of the body situation?"

2 minutes later, "It was weird. But I was glad to have you there with me through it. I was also glad I spent the night. But I'm grounded for it. My parents won't let me hangout with you after school anymore because they think I'm gonna have sex with you......."

"I wouldn't dream of doing anything like that with you. I don't wanna have sex until I'm a lot older"

"I got to go Harry. Liam and I got stuff to do."

"Bye Brisa."

"Bye Harry.......I love you." What.........did she just.......what......

She just for real.......wow....

My heart beated faster. My stomach was churning. We both loved eachother. Whoa....what am I gonna say now? What's going to happen?

I sat in silence for a while......then I looked around my room. Might as well clean. I picked up papers and shoved them into one of my dresser drawers. I pick up my clothes and toss them into a closet.

Then I decided to see what I needed to pick up in the rest of the house. The living room looks clean. Same with the kitchen and dining room.

"Good." I mumbled.

**One year ago today**

I just woke up from my nightmare. I had saved her again. She looked so lost. From what I can remember. I wanted to help her so much. I didn't want her to die. Is she real? Or is she a figment of my imagination?

I rub my hands acros my face and lay back down. I need to get her out of my mind. But I can't.

She was all I could think about all the time. I often got in trouble in class because I was trying really hard to remember her face and I would get called on for a question and I wouldn't answer.

All I remember from the dream is that she was drowning, and she has red hair and brown eyes.....beautiful.

(Authors Note: Thanks for the reads so far!! Comment please and tell me what you think. And vote too! -Shay <3 )

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