He saves her from death every night. Who is he? She can't remember his face and doesn't know his name. Is he real? Will her nightmares end ever? What will they turn into? Will she face dangers of this nightmare other than dying? And what happens when a new kid comes named Harry? Why doesn't her best friend, Liam Payne, like him? Find out all the answers in Falling....(WARNING MATURE CONTENT)


13. Chapter 13

The car ride was quiet and awkward. I just smiled trying not to laugh at the awkwardness.

"What?" He saw me staring at him.

"Nothing." I let out a giggle. Wow a giggle?

"Soooo why are we going to the library?"

"I hangout there everyday after school. Liam's always there."


"Were just best friends." Was he jelous?

"Oh ok." About a minute later we got to the library. He got out and ran to my side of the car. He opened my door for me.

"Thanks." I smiled grabbing my bag and slinging it over my shoulder.

We walked in and Liam was busy working. He was at the counter. Some girl was flirting with him. I started to laugh. And he gave me a glare which made me laugh even harder.

Harry and I sat down at an empty table. I am so glad that today was Friday. I get to sleep in tomorrow morning. Which also means more time tonight to stay in my dream with Harry.

"So what do you do here?" Harry whispered to me.

I replied in a normal toned voice, "Well I do homework and then after Liam's done with his shift we stay and just chat and play around."

"Oh." He unzipped his backpack and took out his books with papers just shoved into the sides marking pages.

I sighed.


"Why are guys so unorganized?"

"I'm just lazy."

"All guys are." I rolled my eyes and chuckled.

He opened his book and picked up a pencil. He studied the page carefully. Then he slammed his book shut and it made an echo. Somoene looked over and shushed loudly.

"You know shushing makes things louder idiot." Harry remarked. The person got up and walked away clearly annoyed. I couldn't help but laugh.

"You wanna go somewhere?" He asks sweetly. Wow. Aditude change.

"Like where? When? Now? Liam's shift isn't done yet." I was laughing and talking at the same time.

"Ya. We could go catch a movie or something...." He offered.

**Harry's P.O.V**

"Ya we could go catch a movie or something....." I suggested. I really wanted her alone. To talk or to sleep maybe. I just wanted to be with her. Every minute I'm not I don't feel the same. Whether its in a dream or in real life I'm satisfied because she's right next to me.

Is that weird? To have those feelings about her? I feel like she's my everything. And it started with just a nightmare I saved her from. Now she's right infront of me face to face. Oh crap did she just say something? I wasn't listening. Great job Harry. You want her to feel the same about you as you do her and you don't even listen to her.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't listening." I admit quietly.

"I said let me tell Liam I'll hang out with him tomorrow."

"Ok." She was actually gonna come with me! But where? A movie? Would she like a movie? I am freaking out. I asked her to come with me and I don't even have a plan. Lovely. I'm such a dumbass.

She stood up and told Liam. He looked my way so I quickly turned my head to make it seem like I wasn't watching. But I hit a lamp instead.


"Your smart friend just hit his head." I overheard Liam. Who does he think he is anyways? He seems like a jerk.

"Liam. Shutup. I'll hangout with you tomorrow."

"Be safe Bri."

"I will." Shit she was coming. Hmmm.

She came over to pack up her stuff. I already packed mine.

"So. Where we going?"

"Um..how about we go hangout at my house?"

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