He saves her from death every night. Who is he? She can't remember his face and doesn't know his name. Is he real? Will her nightmares end ever? What will they turn into? Will she face dangers of this nightmare other than dying? And what happens when a new kid comes named Harry? Why doesn't her best friend, Liam Payne, like him? Find out all the answers in Falling....(WARNING MATURE CONTENT)


11. Chapter 11

Liam called me this morning while I was at my locker.

"Hey Bri!"

"Hey Liam."

"I'm coming home tomorrow."

"I thought you were staying for-"

"No. I need to get back to Austin and Sophia and I broke up so its kind of awkward."

"I'm so sorry Liam!" I shut my locker.

"Its ok. Just come after school tomorrow to the library."

"Ok will do Captian Payne. I have no idea where that came from." I laugh. I guess I'm just excited for him to come home. Halloween is tomorrow. I thought he was gonna stay later but apparently not. I'm still happy. But sad that him and Soph broke up.

He laughed also.

"I got to go Liam. Class is about to start."

"Ok Bri! Bye."

"Bye Liam." I didn't want to hang up the phone but I had to.

I hung up and saw that Harry just walked by. I wanted to talk to him about the dreams. I rushed down the hallway but he dissapeared. My exciting smile turned into a dissapionted frown.

I really wanted to know some things that were going in my head. Like....what would happen next? Cause I mean we have the dreams together but still I didn't know if we were friends or strangers during the day and close at night.

Maybe I wanted us to be more than just with eachother at night. Maybe I wanted to be with him. Maybe I love him. Whoa! Wait a second. Did I just think that?! What in the- Maybe I did. I mentally slapped myself. Who am I kidding I love this boy. But what for? Saving my life every night? Does he love me?


I get to the beach and he's not there. Did he not fall asleep yet? Was he even sleeping tonight? Tears came to my eyes. Brisa stop.....

I started walking into the woods. Silence except I could hear my ragged breathing and my footsteps as I walked. I kept searching. The trees, up ahead, behind. I wanted to find him. Why? Because he was my only comfort except Liam.

"Harry." I found myself crying again. Brisa stop!

"Harry..." I cried out his name. I kept walking and walking. My legs wern't tired. Neither was my mind. The forest jungle thing kept getting deeper and deeper.

I saw a big of light up ahead and my curiosity took ahold of me. I ran to the clearing. What I saw was amazing! There in the middle was a pond. Clear. Nothing in it besides water of course.

I reach down to touch it and before I could I started to sing. The notes came out of my mouth like air out of my lungs.

"There is a place that holds secrets from the seekers of truth. There is somoene who knows that place. Or two. The two shall find what hides inside of the world." I shut my mouth immediatly. Where the heck did that come from?!?!

Suddenly I saw my reflection in the glassy water. Along with Liam and Harry behind me. I turn and no one was there. I look back and they were gone. I reached down to touch the water and I slipped.

The water went overtop of my head and I sunk. Where was Harry when I needed him?!

My eyes closed......

I woke up sweating and tears were coming down my face. I started to ball like a little kid. Why was I crying? I couldn't stop crying.

"Brisa?" My little brother Alex came into my room.

"Ya." I wiped my tears so Alex couldn't see me crying which is stupid cause he proboly heard me.

"Liam is here."

"What?!" I stood up and hurried out my door.

"He's at the door."

I run down the stairs to the door. Sure enough Liam is outside. The sky was beginning to darken. What time was it? I open the door as fast as I could and I hugged Liam tight.

"Bri? Are you alright?" His voice was like a caring family members voice, concerned.

"No." I answer truthfully. I start to cry again.

"Bri? What happened?"

"He must not be sleeping.....I just fell asleep and he-he" I stammered.

"He wasn't there? Did you die?"

"No. Well ya but not in the usual way. I went into the woods on the beach and I found a pond and I sang and I saw your reflection and Harry's next to me then I slipped." I carried on.

Liam pulled me into another hug. Then we went inside and he shut the door. "I hope your parents don't mind that I stay the night. Cause you need me." I cried into his shirt. He was so comforting.

"You need to go home Liam. Austin needs you."

"No he's with a friend. I already checked. And my dad is out with buddies tonight."

"I'm sorry Liam." I pulled away.

"About what?" He wiped my tears.

"Sophia. I'm truly sorry."

"Its fine."

We sat there and I let tears fall down my face and Liam didn't. He is such a good person.

He smiled at me and I smiled back. "So? Its only 6:30. Why were you sleeping?" Liam asked.

"I don't know. I just got home and was really tired."

"Brisa?" My stepdad called from the banister to the 2nd floor.

I got up from the couch and went to the dining room so he could see me.


"Who was at the door."

"Liam. He came home from England early."

"Oh. Tell him I said Hi."

"Hi Mr.Kaul." Liam shouted from the living room.

"Well your Mom needs laundry done so I'm doing it." Steve said.

"Steve? Can Liam spend the night?"


"Uh cause his dad isn't home and he's lonely."

"Sure. But don't stay up to late." He warned.

"We won't." Liam reminded.


I did get to sleep again. Liam is next to me on my bed. I'm just laying here....closing my eyes.......

I drifted to sleep. I had one dream and it was Liam and I back at the haunted trail last year.

"Brisa? Hope you arn't too scared. Cause I've got something for you...."

He leans in and kisses me.

I sit up in bed shocked at what happened in my dream. I look and Liam was holding onto me in his sleeep. He grabbed a pillow and started to kiss it.

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