Ten inches after dark

Melissa is the kind of girl who you don't want to mess with and following her expulsion from school and big move to England, she manages to find out that, "all is fair in love and war". Some people just need to learn to listen.


3. meeting the after darks

Melissa's pov...

I woke up, got up and got dressed in a plain black shirt with skinny jeans and black vans. Dad made breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs and bacon so I ate a big plate which made dad smile since he never made anything but when he did I never ate it since it sucked. My dad couldn't cook for his life and it was pretty funny when he tried.

"Alright come on! hurry up you're going to be late on the first day of school!" dad pushed and I sighed, "it's only the first day of school for me!" I said in exasperation, "and whose fault is that?" he asked and I stayed silent as I walked outside and plopped into the car.

School was about fifteen minutes away so I spent those last five minutes looking for the office. I found it with about two minutes to spare and ran inside, "hi my name is Melissa ferguson and I'm new here so I need my schedule and maybe a map of the school." I told the desk lady and she began to type some stuff into the computer before handing me a schedule.

I ran around frantically until the late bell rang and so then I began to walk around until I finally found my first period. I walked in and instantly everyone stared at me including the teacher which was a lady, "well hello! you must be the new student! come stand here and tell everyone your name, age and something interesting about you."

"I'm Melissa, I'm 16 years old and I got expelled from my last school and I'm obviously american. Now where do I sit?" I stated and the teacher pointed to a seat next to a dark haired blue eyed girl. I sat down and the girl smiled at me, "hi I'm Sophia!"

I smiled at the seemingly preppy girl and she handed me a piece of paper with a number written on it, "here that's my number if you ever need anything." she stated and I smiled at her.

"The teacher here as long as you have good grades lets you talk and do whatever you want." she told me

"Alright then maybe you could tell me something about the social thing because obviously we have the average sluts and stuff but does this school have a lot of after darks?" I asked her and she gave me a confused look.

"After darks? what are those?"she asked and I mentally face palmed since that was my nickname for them.

"The man whores who party and sleep around a lot." I smiled and she nodded in understanding.

"Um yeah but there's only one group of them and the biggest so called after dark is Liam Payne but everyone knows him as ten inches because of you know." She stuttered slightly and she pouted a little.

I laughed out loud because she couldn't be serious! I met Liam and he seemed really nice! I was scowled from the teacher but I didn't care, "I met Liam and he doesn't seem like a after dark!" I giggled and her eyes widened.

"He does it to so many girls and then sometimes if they aren't hot or popular he humiliates them... please don't trust him or his little lunch group! they are bad news! except Niall." she stuttered and I could see tears threatening to spill so I agreed and she calmed down a bit.

The bell rang afterwards and I sighed since I didn't know where my second period was. "need help? Let me see your schedule!" Sophia snatched it before I could answer and happily smiled as she gave it back.

"We have all our morning classes and lunch together! lunch is fifth period by the way!" Sophia laughed and I smiled at her softly.

She grabbed my arm and dragged me along but I never paid any attention to where we were actually going. she walked so freaking fast! somehow we ended up walking to lunch and I realized that I didn't listen to anything today. the second we walked into the lunch room I had spotted Liam and his group.

"Don't let them see you!" Sophia whispered as we grabbed lunch and began to walk towards her friends. right as I was about to sit down Liam called my name and Sophia looked at me with 'I'm sorry' written all over her face. I turned and walked over to Liam's table and sat down in the place that Liam saved for me. the table was round and fit six people so it was perfect.

"Hey Melissa! These are my friends Niall,Harry,Louis and Zayn." Liam explained pointing to each guy. they all said little hellos and I smiled back.

"So Melissa you still coming to dinner tonight? It's at 6:30." Liam asked and I nodded awkwardly but he shrugged it off and I sighed inwardly in relief. I looked back at Sophia and gave her a look of panic but she only pouted. Again.

If only she wasn't so afraid of them! "hey Liam I kinda have to go back to my friend." I said out of nowhere and he smirked, "just invite her over here. Sophia right?" he asked and I shook my head.

"Just let her go Liam." Niall spoke up and I nodded in appreciation but Liam still objected, "she just got here."

"Um Melissa are you coming back to the table?" a soft voice squeaked and I turned to see Sophia standing there nervously, "yeah. bye guys! Liam I'll be at your house at like 6:30ish." I rapidly said and walked away quickly with Sophia.

"Bye Sophia! Bye Melissa!" Niall called happily after us. So Niall really was the nice one.

"So you and Niall together before? or friends in secret?" I asked and she choked on air before sputtering out a reply, "Niall is my brother!"

Now it was my turn to choke on air! "what? is that why he's so nice to you?" I asked because honestly Sophia is so nice and her brother a after dark?

"He is afraid of Liam if you're wondering why they hang out. that's why Niall is so nice. he doesn't like being one of them and hates what Liam did to me but he says Liam is a good friend plus now that they are closer friends than before no more harm can come towards me or him." she answered quietly and I could see her slowly remembering. I wonder what he actually did to her.

"So I don't have many friends unlike my brother but this is Raven, Ashton and Luke." Sophia said as she showed me her table of friends.

Luke was cool and waved with a friendly smile. Luke had blonde hair with blue eyes and a lip ring.

Ashton had brown hair with hazel eyes and caramel colored skin that looked like he just visited the Bahamas. "what's up? I'm Melissa!" I introduced myself and Ashton made a signal to Luke.

"So you're the new girl that everyone is talking about?" Raven spoke up and I noticed her purple hair for the first time plus her brown eyes.

"Umm yes?" I stated as the bell rang for our next class.

"Well we all have free period! what about you?" Luke asked and I shook my head since I had chemistry.

I walked off in the direction that Sophia said I should go and accidentally bumped into a boy, "whoops sorry!" I said and looked up to be met with a boy who had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes,

"Hey no problem. well I'm Justin Bieber if you didn't already know." he introduced himself

"I'm Melissa ferguson and I have to go to class. bye I'll see you around!" I said and he nodded as I looked back while I walked past only to run into someone else.

I ran into chemistry a bit late so the classroom was completely full except one seat which happened to be right next to Louis who sat in front of Zayn and Harry. The table fit four perfectly so I dragged myself to sit next to Louis.

"Hey Melissa!" Harry greeted and I smiled in response as Zayn just smirked,

"nice of you to join us. anyway so Liam's house for dinner huh? dinner isn't the only thing you're going to get so make sure you have a big appetite." Louis snickered along with Zayn and I frowned so they thought I was that girl.

"Do you know why I got expelled in America? it was because some perverted player tried to grope me and I'm not some slut that you can touch anytime you want so trust me neither Liam or I are getting anything besides dinner with my dad and his mom." I sternly told them and Harry smirked.

"Liam's not used to a challenge or a feisty girl so this should be interesting." Louis piped in and I rolled my eyes. why couldn't I have had free period with Luke?

I decide to ignore them instead of listening and end up doodling randomly that is until someone calls my name.

"Huh? what?" I answer and the teacher clears her throat, "aren't you the new girl? please introduce yourself." she stated and I stood up.

"I'm Melissa and I'm obviously from America! I got expelled from my last school and that's all I have to say." I stated before sitting back down and she gave me a worried look plus a satisfied nod.

"Psst! hey Melissa!" someone called and I looked around spotting a girl with reddish black hair. I waved a little and she threw a note at me that I caught easily in my hands. I opened it up and read the girly writing on it.

'Hey I'm Gianna! you are new and so if you ever want to hang out then just tell me.'

I sent her a thumbs up and she smiled.

Harry snatched the note out of my hands and I went to grab it back but he held it out as he read it and then shook his head a little bit but just gave it back. okay that was a little weird.

I'm pretty sure that I fell asleep in seventh period after they took attendance but it didn't matter since it was study hall. I ran outside to sit on the curb since my last period was my free period and I didn't have a ride.

"Need a ride?" someone asked and Justin stood there holding out his hand so I took it and he helped me up. we walked to his car and I managed to type in my address into the GPS without messing up.

We sat in almost silence since the radio was playing softly and no one bothered to turn the radio up or start a conversation. we pulled up to my house about ten minutes later since there was exactly zero traffic and I smiled at him.

"Thanks for the ride! see you tomorrow maybe? bye!" I called as I stepped out of the car, "sure alright.see you tomorrow! bye!" he yelled as I ran to my door. I managed to unlock it and get inside without somehow getting hit in the face or tripping and for that I was grateful.

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