Ten inches after dark

Melissa is the kind of girl who you don't want to mess with and following her expulsion from school and big move to England, she manages to find out that, "all is fair in love and war". Some people just need to learn to listen.


4. I was wrong

I spoke too soon because I got hit in the face with a pillow about two seconds later.

"What the hell?" I asked I picked the pillow up off the floor and threw it into the living room.

"Who was that boy?" my dad asked and I rolled my eyes.

"Friend from school dad and remember we have dinner tonight with Liam and his mom." I mumbled as I poured a glass of orange juice in the kitchen and he murmured something that I couldn't hear. "what?" I asked.

"I can't go. too much work." he mumbled and I sighed

"Okay I'll go alone." I stated and he nodded before turning on the news.

I dialed Liam to tell him the news.

"Hello?" he answered and I suddenly wondered why I didn't text him instead.

"Uh hey Liam just a wanted to tell you that my dad has too much work so he can't come tonight so yeah it's just me." I said and I heard mumbling on the other line then someone laughing.

"Yeah that's great! well I'll see you at 6:30 then!bye!" he hung up and I suddenly remembered that he was suppose to be in school unless e had seventh period off just like me...

so what time was it now? I checked the time and it was exactly three in the afternoon. well might as well start my homework. whoa wait I didn't write it down!

'Hey Sophia! I didn't write anything down for homework today! do you have it?' I texted quickly and sipped my orange juice while leaning against the counter. my phone went off about a minute later.

'Lol! The only class that will ever give you homework is math, English and science which in your case is chemistry right? We don't have homework and I got to go bye.'

I didn't bother to respond since she was busy. I gulped down the last of my orange juice and made my way up to my room.

I sat down on the bed and jumped a bit when my phone rang with a unknown number flashing on the screen.

"Hello? whose this?" I answered and I heard someone laugh.

"Hey Melissa it's Justin!"

"Oh hey. how did you get my number?" I asked

"Doesn't matter anyway that friend of yours Sophia do you think she would go on a date with me?" he asked and I thought it over for a second

"I don't know but I'll text you her number." I finally said before hanging up and texting him Sophia's number.

That was a waste of time.

I decided to read since I didn't have to get ready for a while.

I was in the middle of reading Augustus telling hazel how it was a metaphor in the book 'the fault in our stars' before my phone went off again.

I put the book down and checked the message.

'Hey you should probably start getting ready and start closing the curtains.'

The text read and I looked out the window and Liam stood at his window waving. I rolled my eyes but shut the curtains and went to go get ready.

I finally finished my shower after a while and pulled on a shirt with jeans.

I ran over to Liam's house and started contemplating on whether I should knock or ring the doorbell I was just about to knock when Liam yanked the door open.

"Are you going to just stand there? for the past five minutes you just stood there." Liam stated and I didn't bother to explain.

"Uh sorry?" I offered and he moved to the side so I could come inside the cute little house.

I went inside and the walls were covered with photos of a little boy and a woman playing with him. obviously it was Liam and his mother I looked at them until Liam cleared his throat and I followed him to the dinner table. A girl was already sitting there and looking around ever so often but mostly down at her phone.

"Melissa's here so you can finally stop looking around as if someone is going to murder you." Liam muttered and the girl looked up.

"Sophia!" I cried out and she hugged me tightly before I heard footsteps clambering down the stairs and she shied away.

"Oi! Liam where is the- oh." Zayn said as he walked into the kitchen and noticed us. I squirmed under his gaze and he smirked while watching us.

"Where's Niall?" I asked and that's when Niall came from upstairs. I hugged him when he finally came over to say hi and he was taken aback but hugged me back after a second as I whispered in his ear, "we need to talk." I let go and he nodded.

"Think she would do a threesome?" Zayn snickered quietly but I heard him and I glared at him for his comment.

I sat down at the table next to Sophia before mumbling quietly to her, "why are you here?" And she shook her head and her eyes screamed 'help me' but she stayed silent.

"So here's dinner." Liam announced as he carried a chicken from the kitchen and it smelled wonderful. I licked my lips as he served Sophia and I food. I instantly took a bite into it and hummed at the delicious taste.

"This is so good." I moaned and Sophia hummed along in appreciation.

"The secret ingredient is horse semen." Liam pointed out and I let out a little shriek while Sophia let out a full on 'ew' as we both grabbed our cups full of water to try to get rid of the chicken.

"I was kidding! I don't get why you guys are freaking out cause from what I have heard from girls is that semen is delicious!" Zayn stated as he bit into the chicken and Liam high-fived Niall in agreement.

We all managed to get through the meal peacefully. Niall got up to use the bathroom and I spilled water onto my shirt.

"Where's the bathroom?" I questioned and Zayn gave out some instructions to go upstairs. I followed as best as I could and somehow managed to dry my shirt a bit in the bathroom. when I came out I bumped into Liam and I went to apologize.

"Sorry I didn't know you were there." I said but he just stared down at me before leaning forward and forcefully kissing me and I tried to back up but he wrapped his arms around my waist and backed me into the wall.

I shoved at his chest but he didn't budge and he pinned my arms down so I squirmed in his grip but he didn't let go so I lifted my leg and kneed him and he bent over in pain as I ran downstairs and he called after me.

"Wait I'm sorry!" he cried out but I ran out the front door but not without noticing that Niall, Sophia and Zayn were gone.

I ran into my house and stumbled in the dark a bit before reaching the stairs and climbing up to my room. I sat down on my bed and thought to myself "shit. I just hit Liam Payne in the balls. ha he probably felt like he got hit by the Payne train!" I laughed out loud at my thoughts but couldn't help to feel a little bad for hitting him.

*ugh short again but a update is a update*

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