Ten inches after dark

Melissa is the kind of girl who you don't want to mess with and following her expulsion from school and big move to England, she manages to find out that, "all is fair in love and war". Some people just need to learn to listen.


2. how it all started

In the beginning...

I looked at Chris cradling his arm and I took a step back. he had tears running down his cheeks and suddenly I was surrounded and being dragged to the principals office.

"What happened?" they interrogated and i was dragged into the principals office where the principal Tom was on the phone with my dad probably and I sat down until he finally hung up.

"What happened! you broke his arm!" He screamed and I stood my ground, "he was trying to grope me! he was touching me and so to get him to stop and finally learn his lesson I twisted his arm but I didn't mean to break it! he touches and fucks every girl in school and I'm not next on his list!" I yelled back.

"You're expelled!" he said back and I got up "you are done for! the only reason this school has a good rating is because of my grades!" I stormed out and my dad sat outside and he went in for about five minutes after coming out he dragged me along. He drove me home in silence and slammed the front door.

"Take this and go pack everything." he handed me a bunch of cardboard boxes and I froze. wait what? I'm not moving because I got expelled from school!

"Where are we going?" I asked and he frowned down at me but answered, "England. I was offered a promotion but it required me to move to Wolverhampton and since you got expelled we might as well just move there."

I was beyond pissed, I was enraged but bit my tongue and went to my room. I shoved everything into the boxes he handed me and sealed them since it was just me and him since my mom was dead. she was killed by a drunk driver which is the reason I stay away from parties and drugs. I stalked into the kitchen with the boxes since I didn't have much and didn't care to put it away properly.

Present day...

Once I got home I typed the number into my phone and saved it. I plopped down in my new room which was unpacked already since I was bored and didn't want to hang out anywhere. my dad told me to go explore so I found a candy shop then went back home for money then went back. I started school tomorrow and trust me I'm not happy about it.

No body will like me for my accent like the pricks they are. judge mental jerks is what I like to call them and then the perverts/ players will try crap and I call them 'after darks' since they hook up so much with sluts and whores and they know way too much about sex and drugs.

I on the other hand is what they like to call a hot nerd since I'm smart with good grades and I'm hot or whatever but it pisses me off since I'm not a temperature unlike the sluts who find it endearing.

It's disgusting what those girls do when after dark boys get a hold of them. The player always has his group and all this so they always trap the girl hence me breaking Chris's arm. I have a reputation like that no shit from nobody and I intend on keeping it.

"Dinner time!" my dad called from the kitchen and I dashed out to the table where a pizza box was open so I grabbed a slice of cheese and eagerly ate it up as my dad walked in with the soda.

"Alright well you start school tomorrow so you can stay up until 9:30 since school starts at 7:30 and I expect you to be up and ready by 7:10 so I can drive you.

"Alright just let me eat in peace." I answered.

He nodded and I watched some game show on tv until the doorbell rang. I ran to answer and Liam stood there on my doorstep, "uh hi Liam not meaning to be rude but what are you doing at my house?" I asked and he rubbed the back of his neck.

"My mom wanted me to invite the new neighbor to dinner tomorrow so what do you say?" he asked nervously and I nodded, "ok great! see you then!" he walked off and I shut the door.

"Who was that and what about dinner?" my dad asked and I walked to grab more pizza "the neighbor invited us to dinner and I just so happen to see him earlier today." I answered and he nodded, "alright I'm going to sleep and you have a hour." he said before hugging me and running upstairs to his room.

I sat down to finish watching the Chinese game show. Once it was over I got up and went upstairs to go to sleep and go to school tomorrow.

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