Ten inches after dark

Melissa is the kind of girl who you don't want to mess with and following her expulsion from school and big move to England, she manages to find out that, "all is fair in love and war". Some people just need to learn to listen.


6. girlfriend?

Melissa's pov...




"Damn it!" I muttered before blindly reaching for my phone so that I can shut the stupid alarm off.

I pushed myself off the bed when I realized that my alarm didn't sound like that. I looked around the room but there was nothing there then my phone rang out and I grabbed it and hurriedly answered.

"Hello?" I answered

"Get your ass outside! hurry up!" Zayn's voice sounded on the other line before hanging up.

I got up and pulled on a red shirt with skinny jeans and smashed my feet into my black vans while whipping my hair up into a ponytail. I ran downstairs and stuffed a s'mores pop tart into the toaster then ran back upstairs to brush my teeth. Once I ran back downstairs I pulled the poptart out and wrapped it in a napkin as my phone rang again and I grabbed it, "what Zayn!?" I yelled.

"It's not Zayn it's Liam and why would Zayn be calling you?" Liam asked and I sighed.

"I would love to explain but apparently he is picking me up for school and I can't refuse because I don't have a ride so bye!" I explained before clicking off the line and running outside.

I stopped for a second to admire Zayn's car. It looked exactly like bumblebee from the movie Transformers.

"Come on!" I unfroze and jumped into the passenger seat and looked over at Zayn. he was wearing jeans with a black hoodie and I suddenly noticed how cold it was and I shivered.

"Are you cold? the heaters on but you don't have a jacket so yeah you might freeze." Zayn asked tenderly and I nodded while shivering again.

He pulled the hoodie off and I managed to see some of his abs then handed it to me.

"Thank you and why are you even picking me up?" I asked.

"Well I knew you probably didn't have a ride and I'm sorry about the way I treated you it's cause I wanted to make you stay away from us." Zayn explained as he began to drive and glanced over at me to see my confusion.

"I didn't want you near because Liam would try something but when I noticed that you weren't going to leave. I just felt really bad and I'm really sorry." Zayn finished and I smiled because honestly he's so smart.

"That's genius! I would've never thought you had a brain in that pretty little head of yours!" I let the words flow out of my mouth before noticing what I said.

He smirked at me and I looked down.

"You know it's fine if you find me attractive, many people do." he answered honestly and I nodded.

We pulled up at school and I noticed that we were early.

"Um do you maybe wanna hang out?" Zayn asked and I nodded.

"Well I'm not going to freeze to death so let's stay in the car." he stated and I reached for the radio.

I flipped it on to some talk show where a woman was talking about how she found a receipt for a diamond necklace that was bought a month ago.

The man on the talk show decided to call the boyfriend and it turns out he was cheating on her. the woman then started to curse him out and I laughed out loud with Zayn as they argued over the radio.

"Why do people even cheat? it's stupid like just be faithful or dump the other person." I stated and Zayn happily agreed.

"I know but some people are idiots and they just do it." He laughed as finally the talk show host intervened and cut off the arguing.

A knock on the window startled me and I jumped a little while Zayn lowered the window.

"Hey guys!" Liam said as he stood there and he gave Zayn a look which he ignored and smiled at me.

"Hey Liam what's up?" I asked and he shrugged.

"Freezing my arse off out here and whose hoodie is that?" he pointed at the hoodie I was wearing and I looked down at the hoodie.

"Cause it's definitely too big to be yours." the tone was accusing and I could help but get defensive.

"It's Zayn's." I answered smugly and he frowned slightly but didn't comment.

"Yeah didn't want this poor idiot to freeze!" Zayn commented and laughed as I pushed him slightly while exclaiming a loud 'hey!'

Liam awkwardly laughed along and we began to climb out of the car.

"Where's your first period?" Zayn asked me and I pointed in a general direction since I couldn't remember the number.

I couldn't even remember the teachers name!

"Um blonde lady, kinda chubby and short and let's you do whatever you want." I mumbled and Zayn laughed.

"Text Sophia to say that you're in the bathroom when the teacher calls attendance oh and the teacher is Ms.Leander." I cocked my head to the side but obliged while ignoring Liam's warning to not listen.

"Done." I stated and Zayn grabbed my arm.

"Cool let's go to McDonalds." he said and turned back to get in the car.

"Why?" I asked and Liam huffed.

"You didn't eat your poptart completely and I didn't eat at all." he answered and I shoved my hands into the pocket of his hoodie as I walked over and got back in the car.

"Are you sure we won't get caught?" I asked and he gave me a 'are you serious?' look and I bit my lip.

"What did Sophia say?" he asked in response and I checked my phone.

"She said okay." I answered and he drove off leaving Liam in the parking lot looking lost.

We got to McDonalds and I breathed in happily as the smell of hash browns hit me.

I walked up to Zayn who was leaning against the counter just as a girl who looked like she was eye raping him asked to take our order.

"I want two hash browns and a small orange juice." I whispered to Zayn and he nodded.

"Ok two hash browns and a orange juice for her and I want the hot cakes with orange juice." he ordered as I walked off to sit down at a table.

He came stumbling over and set down the food about five minutes later and handed me mine before starting to eat his.

"So why couldn't you order for yourself?" he questioned and I swallowed some orange juice before answering.

"I wanted to make her stop raping you with her eyes." I answered quietly and he smirked but didn't answer. I went to grab my orange juice again but he snatched it and drank a bunch.

"Hey! that's mine!" I exclaimed before going to grab his and drinking some.

"But I bought it plus yours taste much better than mine!" he joked and I groaned.

"They taste the same!" I argued and he went serious.

"Nope yours taste better and you wanna know why?" he leaned forward as if telling a secret.

"Because it's yours." he whispered before leaning back again and I laughed hysterically when he almost fell out of the chair since he leaned back too far.

We joked for a bit longer before noticing that we finished our food and I went to throw the trash away. I came back and he was gone. I looked around frantically because why would he strand me at McDonalds? I looked around before sitting down and waiting to see if he came back.

About a minute later someone covered my eyes and I laughed, "guess who?" Zayn breathed into my ear and I pushed his arms away before getting up.

"I knew you wouldn't leave me here." I answered simply before running out to his car and he looked at me questioningly. I held up the keys to the car and he patted his pockets before running out after me.

"How did you?" he asked when he finally caught up and I laughed.

"Misdirection." I stated and he snatched the keys back and climbed into the car and I followed.

We arrived back at school almost at the end of first period and we ran through the halls trying to not miss the entire period I ran into my class and everyone stared. I mean I was walking in four minutes before the bell rang.

"Where were you?!" Ms.Leander exclaimed and I hurriedly tried to come up with a excuse.

"Well the first bathroom I found was locked and then the second one was locked and then I got lost then I ended up outside somehow and then I finally found the bathroom and then I came here." I explained and she looked at me skeptically before deciding she believed me and let me sit down.

"What the hell?" Sophia asked me when I sat down.

"I went to McDonald's with Zayn since he picked me up for some odd reason." I whispered back and she looked at me in disbelief.

"Yeah I don't really know it kinda just happened." I answered to her look.

"You didn't do anything right?" she asked and I shook my head.

"I would've been okay with it as long as it isn't Liam because of two reasons! one, Zayn isn't really that bad and two, I have a boyfriend!" Sophia squealed and I smiled brightly at her.

"Who!?" I asked and she smiled.

"Justin!" she exclaimed and my smile fell.

"Don't you think it's a little early? I mean you know he just asked you out on a date." I said and she pursed her lips a little.

"Well I've liked him for a long time and he has liked me too so we are dating now. I mean how bad could it be? we are mature seniors!" Sophia answered me and I suddenly let it sink it that we are seniors in high school.

"Ok but I think you are making the wrong choice with this. I mean he could be using you to make another girl jealous." I stated and Sophia huffed.

The bell rang then and Sophia walked ahead and so I was stuck following her. I sat down in second period in the back since Sophia was mad at me and that's when I noticed that my teacher is a guy.

He had his name on his desk so I figured it out quickly.

Mr.Martinez hmm sounds Hispanic. well that explains the tan.

The late bell rang and the people I least expected walked in. Liam walked in with some girl that I didn't know and Zayn walked in behind them but brightened up when he saw me sitting in the back.

"Hey!" he smiled as he slid into the seat next to me on my right and Liam with his girl were on my left.

"Hey! um whose the girl?" I asked and he rolled his eyes.

"I don't know but apparently her and Liam are... Something." he shrugged and I nodded. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to face the girl.

The girl was a brunette with brown eyes and her hair was so long. she smiled at me and reached out to Shake my hand.

"Hey I'm Elizabeth." she introduced herself and I instantly recognized that she was American too.

"I'm Melissa and where are you from?" I asked and she smiled brightly, "Washington." she responded and I nodded my head before Mr.Martinez started talking about something with the word 'project' and 'partner'

After the bell rang I stood up ad walked into the hall to see Justin and Sophia kissing. I shook my head and walked away but not before noticing Gianna watching in envy and I realized that I was right.

I walked through the day in a daze until lunch. I saw Sophia with Justin so I sat with Raven, Luke and Ashton.

"Hey guys." I stated as I sat down but Raven was busy reading and Ashton was listening to music so I turned to Luke who smiled back before reaching out and swiping the apple off my tray.

He bit into it but I wasn't going to eat it anyway. I bit into my chicken tender and decided to dip it into some ketchup.

"So what's up?" Luke questioned as he took another bite into my apple. I went to answer but felt a arm wrap around me before I could. I looked over and Harry sat there smiling shyly next to Zayn, who was currently having his arm rest on my shoulders.

"Hey guys!" I exclaimed and Zayn flashed a smile, "hey."

"Hey Melissa." Harry said and I smiled at him before Luke began to speak again, "are you two together?" Luke asked and I shook my head while saying, "no."

"Well in that case would you like to go out sometime?" Luke asked shyly and I nodded happily, letting Zayns arm slip back to his side.

"I would love too!" I stated and Luke smiled again.

"Maybe Friday night?" he questioned and I thought about it for a second.

"Maybe because I was suppose to sleep over Sophia's house but she's mad at me right now." I answered and he ducked his head down a little.

"Saturday though?" I asked and he nodded happily.

"Here put your number in my phone and text yourself so that you know my number." I stated while I handed over my phone. he typed into it before handing it back.

"Well we should go." Harry stated as the bell rang for sixth period and I got up. Zayn slipped his arm around me again and began to lead me to our class. I walked next to Harry and Zayn until Louis ran up.

We all walked into class and took our seats quickly as the teacher started talking about atoms.

"So you are really going to go out with that guy Luke?" Zayn asked and I nodded.

"Why? he isn't even cool or anything!" Zayn exclaimed and I shushed him before the teacher noticed that we were talking quite loudly.

"Oh and do you maybe want to do that project together?" he asked and I took a moment to think.

"What project?" I asked.

"Mr.Martinez assigned a project this morning and he said we have to work with a partner." he said as if it were obvious.

"Ok yeah I would like to work with you on that." I mumbled.

"Great!" he smiled before turning his attention back to the teacher lady.

The bell ran just as I finished writing down some notes and I walked into study hall and collapsed into my chair before falling asleep.

A poke in my shoulder stirred me from my sleep and I looked up to see Louis standing there.

"Hey do you have free period next?" he asked and I hesitated telling him but admitted that I did.

"Cool! if you need a ride then I can take you if you want." he offered and I nodded when the bell rang.

We got up and walked out to his midnight blue Ferrari and I got in and gave him instructions to my house and waved good bye on my door step.

"Bye!" I yelled and went inside. I ran up to my room and closed the door right after I went into my room.

"Hey Melissa."

( A/N: whoop whoop finally updated! I'm proud of myself cause I had a major case of writers block! )

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