Ten inches after dark

Melissa is the kind of girl who you don't want to mess with and following her expulsion from school and big move to England, she manages to find out that, "all is fair in love and war". Some people just need to learn to listen.


5. apologies suck

"Hey Melissa where are you?" my dad called from downstairs and I got up to peek out into the hall and he walked over to hug me.

"Why is it so dark?" He asked and I shrugged so he asked another question, "how was dinner with Liam and his mom?" he asked I paused before answering carefully.

"It was fine and the food was great plus he invited my friend Sophia cause he's friends with her brother." he nodded as if accepting my story even though I can't lie to save my life but he didn't question anymore and walked away.

I sighed and walked back into my room where my curtains were swaying? I walked through the dark room and found that my window was wide open.

"What the hell?" I muttered before turning back around to look around my room but it was too dark so I walked over and flicked on the light.

"Hey." Liam said as he sat down on my bed and I went to scream but he got up and covered my mouth before I could so I spoke gibberish into his hand before deciding to lick it and he pulled it away in disgust.

"That's really disgusting and you shouldn't do that since hands have germs. I could've wanked before I got here and you just licked my hand." Liam stated and I gagged a little bit as he started laughing.

"I'm guessing you opened my window and all that but why?" I asked and he rubbed the back of his neck.

"I'm really sorry about earlier it's just that I like you and I'm used to girls just throwing themselves at me and you're different. I'm sorry can we please be friends?" he begged and I softened.

"Yes we can be friends but I still have questions. like where was your mom? why did you invite Sophia? why does Zayn have to be a dick all the time to me?" I asked and he rolled his eyes but answered anyway,

"My mom had to work late out of nowhere and I invited Sophia because i had to apologize for something I did to her and because she's your friend. Niall came because he didn't want to leave Sophia alone with me and Zayn is just messing with you because of something I told him and he got mad about it." he responded and I quickly pieced it together.

"You apologized Sophia for taking advantage of her or whatever you did to her. but why now?" I asked.

He mumbled something under his breath and I looked at him in confusion. he stepped forward to whisper into my ear, "I didn't want her to mention something to you." he whispered and I took a step back to look at him.

"What?" I asked because it couldn't be true. he was a player that was his reputation and he wasn't suppose to actually like anyone.

He stepped up so that his forehead rested against mine, "sorry." he whispered and I stared into his eyes full of mystery before daring to ask, "for what?" and he smiled, "this." he leaned forward ever so slightly before my phone went off and He muttered something while I stifled a scream.

"Hello?" I answered and I heard a scream on the other line before Liam took my phone and placed it on speaker as I tried to snatch it back. But he held it above his head.

"Guess who got a date?!" Sophia yelled as I tried to jump up and grab the phone, "me! justin asked me out! yay! by the way you should breathless did you have a guy over?" Sophia asked and I widened my eyes as Liam smirked, "no just doing some exercise!"

"What kind of exercise?" she laughed, "not that kind!" I breathed and Liam lowered the phone slightly and I sighed in relief but he brought it up to his mouth.

"Yeah Sophia not that kind of exercise." he spoke into the phone and the other line was silent. I on the other hand exploded, "give me my phone back!" I tried not to yell but his laughter was making me mad.

"Is that Liam?" Sophia finally asked, "yes it is." Liam answered for me.

"He snuck into my house and I don't know the number for the local police! help me Sophia! he asked to be my friend!" I faked panic and I could hear Sophia laughing as Liam laughed along with me until I heard a knock on my door.

"Melissa stop laughing so loud!" my dad called and I bit my lip until I heard him walk away before bursting into another fit of laughter. I finally stopped laughing after a another few seconds, "okay Sophia I'll see you at school! bye!" I called then hung up after Liam handed me back the phone.

"Bye Liam!" I said as I shoved him towards the window and he turned to hug me tightly before letting go and climbing out the window.

I closed the window then turned back to my room. I went to pull out pajamas before taking a long steamy shower and brushing my hair.

"Remember I can't drive you to school anymore Melissa I will be at work before you even get up." my dad called.

"Ok well I'll figure it out!" I called back before crawling into bed and just before I fell asleep I remembered something.

Zayn treats me badly because of something Liam said that made him mad. what could have that been?

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