Just A Girl

Elena Pierce , seventeen years old , has to face decisions that she never thought she would ever have to face , to hold on , or let go.


7. The Next Morning

I woke up , and the sky was a little light. I looked at my phone , it was six a.m. 

I slept the whole night .I got up , i really wanted to talk to Avery, but it's to early , and i have to go to work here soon. I got up and got my shower . I went downstairs to get some coffee . Dad was up too.

Dad: Hey sweetie , how are you holding up? Your brother told me what happened.

Me: I'm okay , just glad it's done and over with .

Dad: It will get better, Don't worry to much about it. Well honey i got to go to work. Call me if you need anything.

Me: Okay dad .Love you!

I went back upstairs . I turned my phone on , more messages from Zack. I decided that was enough. I changed my number , sent the people who are important my number , then that was that. Out with the old , In with the new. The only person that was on my mind , was Avery. I peeked through the balcony window , and there he was laying with Sophie. She is lucky to have a caring father . He seen me , and waved to come over . I looked at my phone , it was seven, I decided to go over real quick. Played with Sophie , and talked to Avery. Then i hurried home and got ready and went to work.

A few minutes early i enter the Bookstore, Eliza was reading a magazine at the desk.

Eliza: Elena! Your a bit early , oh I'm going to love having you here.

I helped her set up , restocked the books , organized some books into correct order. About noon Alex came in. 

Alex: Look listen , before you get in with Av-

Me: If you want to be friends , then we will not discuss Avery okay?

Alex: Okay, Sorry .

We talked about old memories, my grandma. By two Eliza got up and let us off . 

Alex walked me to my car , I went home . I went to Avery's house . He had just put Sophie to sleep. We decided to watch a movie. We cuddled up on the couch , laughed . For the next two weeks we did that. Until today , we finally kissed. He leaned in and my body went weak. I couldn't stop , my head started to get light headed, my stomach felt like fireworks were going off . That night was a daydream. At least i thought it was.


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