Just A Girl

Elena Pierce , seventeen years old , has to face decisions that she never thought she would ever have to face , to hold on , or let go.


6. Party Time

I hurried home. I unlocked the door and went to my room. I straightened my hair , and put on a pair of jean shorts, and my bright pink tank top, and my white flip flops on. I looked at my phone it was four in the afternoon. I had more messages from Zack , telling me to please talk to him. I ignored them and called my dad.

Dad: What's up? Everything Okay?

Me: Yes , I got a job at the old bookstore grandma used to go to.

Dad: That's great!

Me: Is it okay if i go hang out with some friends?

Dad: Sure don't be out to late !

Me: Thanks , Love you .

He said love you , and then i hung up. I grabbed a water and out the door i was .

I walked over to Avery's porch , he was on the porch , in a pair of shorts and a nice shirt.

Avery: Wow , you look-

Me: Yeah-yeah , c'mon . We walked to my car , I threw my keys at him.

Avery: Nice car , where to?

Me: Alex's party.

Avery: Wh-

Me: Don't ask questions , let's go . 

We got into the car , then went to Alex's house . There were cars all around the block for his party. We got out and walked up to his house , it was double the size of my dad's house. People were everywhere , in their bathing suit , drinking and laughing .

I looked at Avery and told him to walk around and come find me in about ten minutes . Confused he said okay. We separated, I went to the back, the was a pool , people were jumping in and out . People were staring at me , trying to figure out who i was. I noticed a mini bar . I walked to the bar . A guy was mixing the drink. He had dirty blonde hair , and was shirtless.

Guy: What can i get ya? Names Mark. You must be new .

Me: Yeah , uhm what's good ?

Mark: I got the right drink for you , wait a second.

 He started to mix drinks , I looked around and then i saw Alex , He was with a dark tan girl , she was skinny , had long brown hair , she looked gorgeous. I assume it was Jordana. 

Mike gave me the drink , i took a sip . I turned around and Alex was in front of me.

Alex: You came! 

The girl who he was with came right behind him. She looked at me with a scorned look. 

Alex: This is Jordana . 

Jordana : Who are you ? 

Me: Elena . 

Jordana: So did you come with someone , or did you come by yourself? Her voice was annoyed .

Me: Actually I came here with a friend.

I looked over and Avery was walking towards us.

Alex: Who-

Avery: There you are! Sorry , couldn't find a parking spot. 

Suddenly Jordana face went red.

Jordana: What are you doing here with her?

Alex looked at Avery , then me with a confused look.

Alex: Not really your business is it ?

Jordana: Can we talk, now?

Avery: Save it , I don't want to hear it .

Jordana: We have a daughter together!

Avery grabbed my hand . 

Avery: I have a daughter. You had your chances Jordana. 

Jordana started to yell . Everyone started to stare . Alex grabbed her and took her by the pool. I looked at Avery.

Me: Ready to leave?

Avery: Yes . 

We went to my car , him still holding my hand . We got into the car .

Avery: What do you want to do?

Me: Anything.

He laughed. Then started to drive . We ended up at the park , the one my grandma took me to , when i was younger. Avery parked the car . We got out , and started walking around. 

Avery: Thanks , you didn't have to do that.

Me: I know , i wanted to . What they did was bullshit. 

Avery: I know . 

We got back to my car , hand in hand. 

Avery: Your wonderful you know that? 

I nodded , he started to lean in to kiss me . Then my phone went off .

It was Nick . Avery pulled away. I answered it .

Nick: Where you at ?

Me: At the park , Why? 

Nick: Uh you need to get home okay?

Me: Okay , I'm on my way.

Avery opened the door to the drivers side , I got in . It was a bit awkward on the way to my house . We get to my house . I see a car , that i hoped i never would see again.

Me: Great just fucking great.

Avery: What is it ?

Me: Zack is here . 

Avery: Want me to take care of it?

Me: No i got it.

Avery: I'm next door if you need me . He hugged me and got out of the car.

I took a minute to calm down . Then I got out . I went out of the garage , and went to the porch . Nick and Zack were sitting on the steps . 

Nick: Hey , You need me ?

Me: No you can go in.

He went in . 

Zack got up and tried to hug me . I pushed him away.

Me: What the hell do you think your doing?

Zack: Elena , please I am sorry . I kept trying to call but you didn't answer . I tried Facebook , but you blocked me . I had to talk to you . 

Me: So you think coming here would make it better! There's a reason i haven't answered you Zack . Your a fucking whore . You slept with my best friend. Who does that! Huh? Tell me. 

Zack: I'm sorry okay , please just give me one more chance. 

Me: No it's to late . We are done. I don't want to see or talk to you again. 

I ran inside . I slammed the door and locked it. Tears down my face , I ran upstairs , went to my room and shut the door , I laid in my bed . Crying harder and harder. 

Nick knocked on the door, trying to talk . I told him I wanted to be alone. He left me alone. Crying and crying . I finally fell asleep.

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