Just A Girl

Elena Pierce , seventeen years old , has to face decisions that she never thought she would ever have to face , to hold on , or let go.


3. Getting Settled In

Brittani left the room , to let me get settled in. I started to unzip my suitcases, when i heard voices argueing , i look over to the balcony, it was Avery. Arguing with some girl. I started to listen. I know , i know i shouldn't eavesdrop , but I'm a girl , I can't help it.

Avery: Your the one who cheated on me!

Girl: And I am sorry but you can't take her from me!

Avery: I can and I will!

Nick knocks on the door. 

I rushed by my suitcases.

Me: Come in!

Nick: Nice room , You get your own bathroom to? 

Me: Yeah, I didn't realize dad was so rich.

Nick: Me neither.

Me: Are you doing okay?

Nick: Yeah I'm good , Dad said the neighbor across the street told him I could work at the pool if i wanted to, and he told dad i had a job if i wanted it. 

Me: That's great, maybe you can save and get Sierra something.

Nick: She dumped me , she thinks I'll cheat on her.

Me: What a bitch. She doesn't deserve you anyways.

Nick: Thanks

Me: What else is wrong? Don't lie.

Nick: I miss mom and dad being together.

Me: Me too but mom and dad both moved on.

Nick: I know. So what do you want to do this summer?

Helping me put my clothes away.

Me: I don't know , maybe get a job, and live a little you know? This is our last summer before we have to go to college.

Nick: I agree , well i am going to go put the rest of my stuff away okay?

Me: That's fine, thanks for helping me. 

Nick: No prob , love you.

Me: love you too.

I was alone again. I looked at my cellphone, it was 7'o clock. I had seven messages from Zack , i deleted them without reading them , and turned my phone off .

I put my make-up and hair products in my bathroom , looked around , there was a shower and there was a bath , a cabinet for the towels. I was in love.

After settling in , i went downstairs , in the kitchen was Brittani cooking , and in the living Dad and Nick were watching a game. I decided to help Brittani cook . 

Brittani: Thank you for helping , it means alot .

Me: No problem . So tell me about yourself?

Brittani: Well I am twenty-six, I work with a Interior Design Company , I design rooms , houses , ect. I have a brother named Alex , actually that's how i met your dad.

Me: Oh really? How did your brother know him?

Brittani: He volunteers to help coach the swim team . You might know him , your grandma used to baby sit him. Alex Delrusso?

Me: Yeah I remember him , my grandma used to take us to the park all the time together , we used to be really close actually.

Brittani: Now that i think of it , i think i seen a picture of you guys before. Anyways he is kind of a jerk nowadays. 

Me: Oh? 

Brittani: He's been partying alot, and well you know how our parents travel around alot right?

Me: Yeah , their scientist right?

Brittani: Right !  Well he likes to take it for granted.

Me: Ah. 

After Dinner dad stopped me before going upstairs. 

Dad: Hey honey can you wait a second? Nick come here !

Me : Okay-

Brittani: Your dad and i got you guys each a graduation present. 

Dad: Follow me .

We went outside , and stood in front of the garage. 

Dad: Close your eyes .

I looked at Nick , he closed his eyes , and then i did too.

About a minute later he told us to open our eyes . 

Nick and I gasped . There was two cars , a yellow and an orange mustang, brand new , with a ribbon on top of both cars.

Nick: What!!! Dad are you serious?

Me: Thank you so much dad. 

Nick and I hugged him. 

Dad gave us the keys . Nick was getting the yellow obviously , since it's his favorite color and orange was mine. 


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