Just A Girl

Elena Pierce , seventeen years old , has to face decisions that she never thought she would ever have to face , to hold on , or let go.


1. Elena Pierce

Mom: Elena! Come on let's go!

Me: I'm coming mom!

Packing the rest of my stuff, I couldn't help but think this already was going to be the best summer ever. My parents divorced when i was twelve.They weren't happy anymore, which is the main reason divorces happen. My dad stayed in Nevada in a town we grew up in, and was raised the first twelve years of my life. In a little town called Austin. After mom and dad finalized their divorce. My mom decided to take me and my twin brother to Florida in a town called Webster. We did not want to be separated from our dad , but we had no say. My dad stayed in Austin because of his job. He was a CEO of his company. My mom however finally remarried my step dad Robb. We get along but he isnt my dad. This summer after four years of not seeing my dad and my dad's side of family. I don't talk to most of them. My grandma however , me and her were close. I loved her more then anything. She passed away when i was eleven. It tore me and my brother up. So mostly I am going to be just seeing my dad and Nick too. We look alike but he is much taller. His hair is lighter brown, and very built. All my friends have a crush on him, which is reasonable, he is the captain of the Lacrosse team, you wouldnt think he's a jock but how he acts , his friends are pigs but he is more caring. He's not interested in going to my dad's though. He would be missing out on his girlfriend Sierra who is a bitch , and his pig jock friends. Where i am happy as ever. I have been through enough and i needed to get away from this town. I had a boyfriend and a best friend, notice i said had. The two people i trusted with absolute anything. Until i found out they were sleeping with each other. Zack and Claire. What a joke right? Zack always keeps texting me , wanting to get back together  but i ignore him everytime. I don't think I'm bad looking either , i have long dark hair , a light tan , dark brown eyes . I'm average height and weight. I trust easily , and I hate it , cause i'm bound to get hurt. 

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