Just A Girl

Elena Pierce , seventeen years old , has to face decisions that she never thought she would ever have to face , to hold on , or let go.


2. Dad

Mom: All aboard !

I hurried and grabbed my suitcases, and took one last glimpes of my bedroom. Then i ran down the stair and out to the car , I put my bags in the trunk then got in the car. After about a half hour drive to the airport. We all hugged and said our goodbyes. Nick and I looked at each other and smiled, then boarded our plane.


   After and hours of being on the plane , we finally arrived. We got off the plane , Nick on his phone with his pissed off girlfriend, who was mad because Nick isnt by her side/ Our dad was standing and smiling at us by the exit. Nick hung up his phone and ran to him, and hugged him. While i was still walking with my suitcases. Finally i was in front of my dad. I dropped my suitcases and hugged him tightly. After the hugging and greeting , we put our stuff in the car. We talked and started catching up. After about an hour we finally arrived to dad's new house that was the size of a mansion.

   Nick got his bags and ran inside, dad followed him , to show him his room. Like a slow person I am , I go to the back of the car , and try to grab my suitcases. Frustrated because it seemed to be stuck. I put my feet on the back of the car , and i tugged it. I fell backwards with suitcases landing on me. 

Me: Are you kidding me! 

Nick helped me get the suitcases off of me.

Me looking down at the scratch on my leg. 

Me: About damn time-

I look up and it isn't Nick. It was another guy, who was insanely gorgeous, he had a nice tan , bright blue eyes , he was about Nick heights. Oddly he looked a bit familiar. 

Guy: Are you okay?

Me: Uh , your not Nick. I'm sorry, I thought you were my brother.

Guy: You look different, but yet your the same at the same time. 

Me: Excuse me? 

Nick came by my side. Looks at the mysterious guy , who i really wish i knew why he looked so familiar. Nick started to laugh. Me i couldn't help but be confused.

Nick: Well I'll be damned, Avery?

Avery: You know it, long time no see man.

Shocked , Avery the same little boy i used to play house with when i was little.

Me: Oh wow , Avery you look d-different.

Avery: Part of growing up, and puberty. 

Nick laughed , : i know what you mean same here . Anyways what are you doing here? 

Avery: I was actually working on my car across the street. Then I heard your sister scream , I look over and she's drowned in suitcases.

Me: Wait you live across the street?

Avery: No , that's my friend house .

Me: Oh !
Avery: I actually live next door. He points to the house to my right.

Nick: Uh, listen we got to get settled in , it was nice seeing you though man , we need to chill this summer for sure though. Sounded annoyed.

Avery: Yeah sure , if you guys ever need anything don't be afraid to ask.

He looked at me , with his baby blue eyes. I almost melt.

Me: o-okay, bye

   Nick grabbed some of my suitcases , helping me carry them into the house.

Me: Rude much?

Nick: Oh c'mon you never know what kind of guy he could be now!

Me: Your right sorry.

We get into the house, only to see a girl with dad , she looked like she was not that much older then me. My dad introduced her as his girlfriend Brittani. She quickly ran to me and hugged me. Oh great. She grabbed my suitcase out of my hand.

Brittani : It's so nice to meet you finally! Your dad has told me so much about you guys.

Me: He's told me so little of you. My dad looked at me with a serious face. 

Nick: She means she's glad to meet you too , right? 

Me: Right!!

Brittani : Oh , I'll show you your new room , I decorated it myself.

Me : Oh thank you . I sure as hell hope it ain't some pink and girly kind of shit.

She took me upstairs to my room . When she showed me to my room , i was a bit surprised , it was gorgeous , it looked like one of those designed rooms picture you see on Facebook. 

Me: Wow , it looks great!

Brittani: I hope you don't mind , you have your own balcony, and your own bathroom.  Between you and me ?

Me: Yeah ?

Brittani: The neighbors son's room is right across from yours. That's why i asked your dad to give this room to you , that way you have a nice "view"

Me: Oh thanks.


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