Just A Girl

Elena Pierce , seventeen years old , has to face decisions that she never thought she would ever have to face , to hold on , or let go.


8. Chaos

I went home from Avery's house.Alex was coming over to talk to Brittani , and have dinner , he is pretty much my best friend now , but we keep Avery out of it. I went upstairs to go change into some p.j's , and have a casual night. I looked out the balcony to see if Avery was in his room. Only to find him and Jordana kissing. I gasped in disgust. Avery looks over , Jordana smiling and waving. Tears rushing down my face. I slammed the balcony door . I was in shock. I picked up my phone. I didn't know who else to call, but i called Alex. 

Alex: Hey I'm about there .

Me: Change of plans. I need you to get me out of here . I don't care where , but please. I want to drink , and I don't want you to put a move on me.

Alex: Be outside in five.

Brittani knocked on the door, looking worried.

Brittani: Hey hun, you okay? 

Me: No , Brittani , I know were not that close but i need you to lie to my dad and say I'm going to a friends house tonight . Please.

She looked at me , seen the tears. She nodded.

I grabbed my phone , and purse. I went out the door . Only Avery was on the porch.

Avery: Please listen ! Elena , please.

Alex car pulled up, ignoring Avery I started walking towards it. 

Avery grabs my arm , I tugged it away.

Me: Don't , You are just like the rest of the guys in this world..Pigs!!

I got into Alex's car. Silence the whole way , then we arrived at his house, I looked at him.

Alex : Only place I can think of that has booze right now.

Me: okay.

Alex:What Happened?

Me: He-he was with-

Alex: Jordana?

I nodded . 

Alex: C'mon.

We went into his house , He directed me to the couch . I sat down , then he went into another room . A few minutes later he came back with Vodka and orange juice, and two glasses.

He poured each cup full. 

Me: Thank you . I chugged the first cup , then the second. I started to feel a buzz. 

Alex: I was drunk.

Me: Huh?

Alex: When me and Jordana slept together, I went over to Avery's because i could not drive.. and I just walked to his house. Only Jordana was there . She started coming on to me , I kept telling her no . Then Avery walked in. It was like she did it on purpose.

Me: What a fucking slut!

I started thinking of Avery, all i could do was get angry. I chugged another glass of Vodka and Orange Juice. It started kicking in . I felt drunk. I started to cry a little , Alex held me . It felt nice for someone to just hold me. I looked at Alex, and started to lean in to kiss him.

Alex: You said not to try anything , and your drunk.

Me: For once , I just want to do something out of my control.

We looked at each other . Then we started making out. Then , everything went black.

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