Just A Girl

Elena Pierce , seventeen years old , has to face decisions that she never thought she would ever have to face , to hold on , or let go.


5. A Childhood friend

Alex was the kid i fell in love when i was eight years old. My grandma had just took another babysitting job , and it was Alex .( Flashback)

Alex: So Eliza , Finally got a new worker?

Eliza: You Betcha! Ain't that right?

Me: Yes .
Alex: Well Welcome , I'm Alex.

Me: Elena Pierce. 

Alex: Wait-What? Elena Pierce , As in Rose Pierce's granddaughter?

Me: Yes sir.

Alex: Wow . Long time since I've seen you.

Eliza: She is quite the beautiful gal isn't she ? 

Alex: Right

Eliza: Well you two , it's about closing time , why don't you guys go catch up , I'll close up.

Me: You sure?

Eliza: Don't worry , I'll see you tomorrow dear.

I told her goodbye , so did Alex . 

We started to walk.

Alex: Wow , how have you been, it's been a long time since i have seen your face around here?

Me: Well moved to Florida with my mom and brother . I'm a cheerleader , and i play soccer , other then that nothing , i grew a couple inches .

Alex: I see that , you were always the short one.

Me: Thanks ( sarcastically) 

Alex: No Problem. Did you know your Dad is with my sister? 

Me: Yeah , little weird .I didn't know you even had a sister .

Alex: Yeah my parents adopted her when she was sixteen. Her mom and dad died in a car accident.

Me: Oh wow . 

Alex: Hey Listen , you doing anything later ? 

Me: Not that i know of.

We stopped in front of my car.

Alex: You should come to my party. He gave me an address . 

Me : I might .

Alex: sweet i hope you do . 

I got in my car , and drove home . Nobody was home yet . So I sat on the porch . I got into my purse and grabbed a cigarette. I don't smoke alot , just sometimes , none of my family knows , except Nick, but he would never rat me out.

I was smoking and looking at my phone , when Avcry came up to the porch.

Avery: Elena Pierce A smoker huh? 

Me; Not really just a part time smoker.

Avery: Ahh , nice

I put the cigarette out. 

Avery: You Okay ?

Me: Eh alright. 

Avery: You don't sound alright. You sure ? You can talk to me?

I caved and told him about Zack and Claire , and school .

Avery: Wow , That's rough .

Me: Yeap . 

Avery: I have something that might cheer up. C'mon.

Confused a bit , i followed him to his porch .

He told me to sit on the swing/chair/bench. He went inside , then a few moments later , he came out with a baby . She was tan , but tan wise , she looked like she was maybe part mexican. She had bright eyes like Avery. She cooed at me and smiled.

Me: Awe She's cute !

Avery: Wanna hold her ?

Me: Uh Sure .

He Gave her to me . She looked like maybe she was around one years old . She looked like Avery a little , a little to much.

Me: Is she-

Avery: My daughter, Yes. Her name is Sophia. 

Me: Oh wow . She has your eyes . 

I Held her for a short while , then Avery took her in to his mom . 

Then he came back out . 

Me:  So the mom ?

Avery: Her name is Jordana , We were together for one night , and we were drunk. Then well a month later she was pregnant . We didn't really know each other . I know that's bad , but i did the responsible thing and stepped up . We were together the whole time she was pregnant , then after she had Sophia , she cheated with me , with one of my friend . That's how i know how bad your situation sucks .Worst part is they did it with Sophie right next to my bed , while i was at work . I got off early and well , i think you know . 

Me: Oh wow , I'm sorry , that must really suck . Did you ever-

Avery: Think Sophie wasn't mine? Yeah , that was the first thing i found out when Sophie was born. She is mine. 

Me: Wow , that's just...wow , So who was the best friend?

Avery: Remember that kid Alex you used to hang around with when you used to live here ?

Me: No! That's horribe

He nodded .

Avery: Worst part is that he's with her right now , at a party , and I'm taking care of my daughter . Which is no problem at all, But it just makes me mad .

Suddenly, I had an idea . 

Me: Do you think your mom would watch Sophie for a little bit ?

Avery: Yeah why?

Me: Be ready in about a half hour.


Avery: Okay?


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